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September 2013

Former East End Lions player and CEO of Diaabu Soccer Academy in Virginia, United, Didi Abu, has told this press in a telephone interview that he wants to give back to his country by feeding over 100 less privileged children in the country.

He said the event will be followed with a football festival in December 2013 for young footballers between ages12 to 17.

Didi said: “Football is everything to me, my food, the air I inhale and I want give back to these young boys.  

Didu Abu

The Sierra Leone national female team- Sierra Queens- will face Nigeria’s Super Falcons in first round of qualifiers for the 2014 African Women Championship (AWC).

Sierra Leone`s Sierra Queens are still seeking their first qualification to the Championship and will have to face the former champions Nigeria’s Super Falcons in a bid to qualify for the ninth edition of the AWC, which will be held from October 11 to 25th in Namibia.

Desks of the Spectator have it that Pademba Prison needs urgent attention as buildings housing inmates seem too small for persons so far kept under lock and key.

They say the prison yard, which was built for 324 inmates, now housed over 1,758 inmates. 

Revelations have it that the officers are worried over the growing number of inmates and are scare they will one day be overpowered and bulldozed by the inmates.

“Government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs should do something to remedy the situation.

Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr.

Members of the Sierra Leone Chamber for Agribusiness development (SLeCAD) has issued a twenty-one days ultimatum to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security to settle concerns raised by members of the agricultural private sector or will stage a peaceful protest.

According to the executive chairperson, Ahmed Nanoh, he said his organization has complained to the Ministry of Agriculture of things affecting the growth of agriculture in the country.

Isata Kamara

Sierra Leone State Lottery yesterday launches its secured Automated Terminal machines.

The new technology will provide online lottery arrangement, making the company regains its lost glory as Sierra Leone’s best lottery company. 

At the launching of the machines, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Dr. Kaifala Marah said the initiative was timely and appropriate. 

He referred to such initiative as ‘Betteh don cam.’

He said the new machines have multi-purpose functions and are portable to carry.

Ansumana K. Mansaray

Vibrant human rights activist, Henry Victor Gbangba, is yet to be found after being chased by Islamic extremists.

Henry-one time District Coordinator for the Technical Enhancement Awareness Movement is on the run following reports victimization by ardent Islamic fanatics.  

Henry’s organization, we are told, is a strong campaigner of issues such as sexual harassment, teenage pregnancy, health awareness, domestic violence, gay and lesbianism, and the stigma of Hiv patients.

 “Staff at the ministry were happy that following a meeting, the minister and her two deputy ministers were seen smiling as they left the conference room which many of them described as a very good omen for the ministry,” words as said by staff of the Ministry of Health as published by the Sierra Leone News Hunter newspaper in reaction to a publication by the Spectator news revealing Minister Miatta Kargbo’s and her deputy Foday Sawi’s unsympathetic working relationship.

That report, we are told, holds information of a terror attack by Somali Al-Shabab movement must Sierra Leone continues her mission in Somalia, seems quite serious.

Reminiscing late Ghanaian President, John Atta Mill’s, refusal having military presence in volatile Cote de’voir then, on ground explaining his native Fante tribe’s belief that “if one stays off other people’s business, others will keep off yours,” make sense nonetheless.

Sierra Leone, unlike other nations in Africa, is yet not strong to participate in the fight for global peace as other nations the world over.

Mohamed Kabbah Turay

Things seem not quite clear at all. To me, it’s but a nightmare hearing the deputy government spokesperson downplaying concerns of the public as to the talked about Al-Shabab threat.

I have of course taken my time examining the effect it has having Sierra Leone send troops to Somalia joining other African countries fight against Al- Shabab. 

And my humble resolved is that Sierra Leone seems playing with fire; a fire it cannot easily halt or crush for years and which may leave an imprint of regretful answers.

Ibrahim Samura

The Sierra Leone Brewery Tuesday 24th launches water treatment plant while unveiling its ISO certification at the company’s car park east of Freetown. 

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Trade and Industry Osman Boie Kamara said he gratified participating in another landmark event of Sierra Leone Brewery company and said his Ministry will continue to give priority to investors interested in the setting set up local industry that will create employment for people of Sierra Leone. 

Cecil Cole-Showers Jnr.