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A fifteen million Leones price tag has been set aside as reward by one Alhaji Sheik Fuad Kamara, an Islamic scholar residing at 135 Kissy Road, Freetown, for the arrest of his son, Ismail Kamara an eighteen year old, who he reportedly disowned for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity, changing his name from Ismail Kamara to Jacob Davies and for being a Gay Activist.
According to reports, it all started in December, 2015, when the father, AlhajiFuad Kamara, a staunch member of both the Islamic Council of Sierra Leone (ICSL) and the Sierra Leone Council of Imams (SLCI), was told by some members of his Jamaat/ congregation that his son, Ismail Kamara, had converted to Christianity.
As a devoted Muslim Scholar, whose family members are all Muslims, reports furthered, Alhaji Sheik Fuad Kamara reportedly took umbrage at his son for not only converting to Christianity but also for changing his name and becoming a Gay Activist.
This medium was further intimated by family sources that when Alhaji Sheik Fuad Kamara was told about his sons latest abominations, he responded by summoning an emergency meeting of Muslim scholars from across the Islamic community in Freetown where the issue was thoroughly discussed.
At the emergency meeting, sources further disclosed, they viewed the behavior of Ismail Kamara as a disgrace to Islam and a complete embarrassment to his father who is held in high esteem by the entire Muslim community as an affluent Islamic Scholar with many landed properties in
the capital, Freetown and other cities across the country.
It was concluded at the emergency meeting according to family sources that Alhaji Sheik Fuad Kamara must disowned his son and ensure he was persecuted for actions which run contrary to his father’s
Since that emergency meeting was summoned and its outcome leaked to Ismail Kamara, 18, he sneaked from home and had never returned for fear of being persecuted by his father because of his religious beliefs.
The father, reports state, in response to his son’s disappearance, has now put a fifteen million Leones (Le 15,000,000) price tag for anyone who could capture Ismail or assists with information that will lead to his capture.