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7 Clubs May Face Ban

It has emerged last evening that 7 Premier League clubs may face expulsion by the SLFA for contravening established football rules.

F.C Kallon, Old Edwardians, Central Parade, Mighty Blackpool, Gem Stars, Freetown City Football Club and Bo Rangers are the clubs identified for disqualification.

Their disqualification, we are told, may come owing to violation of Article 13 (1) of the SLFA Constitution as amended in Kabala in April 2012.

It could be recalled that all premier league clubs, as at the commencement of the league, were informed of kick off date by persons’ task with such responsibility.

Of the rest, seven are said to have boycotted owing to alleged misunderstanding emanated from the concluded SLFA elections.

Our findings are that the teams have asked the executive of SLFA unconditionally sack its acting general secretary Abdul Rahman Swarray and then public relation officer now deputy manager in of competitions Sorie Ibrahim Sesay before they can possibly take part in the league.

SLFA sources say the league will continue and there will be no adjustment in the matches as already planned.

In a release put out by SLFA, it is stated that management of the country’s FA is of the belief that no individual, club and or is group is bigger than the land that we love Sierra Leone.