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  • Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the commissioner of the Anti - Corruption Commission in Sierra Leone has received another award from Youth in Action for Prosperity, a nongovernmental and non political organization   for his diligent and conscientious work in the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone. Abdul Wahab Bangura, the Chief Executive Officer and president of Youth in Action for Prosperity presented the award on behalf of the group at the ACC headquarters’ Conference Hall, 3 Gloucester Street Freetown on the 9th January, 2015.

Youth in Action for Prosperity aims at complementing the Agenda for prosperity by identifying and awarding effective institutions and individuals that have immensely contributed towards national development. This drive, they deem worthwhile in putting institutions and personalities in charge of manning public functions to vie for excellence in the dispense of their national duties.

In his statement, Emmanuel Stafford, Chairman of Youth in Action for Prosperity said that, they were thrilled to visit the Commission and proud to have the ACC Commissioner as their 2014 awardee. Emmanuel Stafford explained that the process by which the ACC Commissioner was chosen for the award was thorough and a large number of nominees had to be eliminated. He stated that consideration was taken of his score card and track record from been President of the Bar Association , 1st Vice President for the West African Bar Association and a Prosecutor at the special Court for Sierra Leone.

In his response, the ACC commissioner expressed his appreciation for the award.  Mr. Fitzgerald Kamara likened the award to a football match wherein the successes of a good goal keeper is dependent on commitment of the defenders. His Deputy Commissioner, Directors and members of staff have conscientiously worked as a team to achieve great things in the fight against corruption. In conclusion, Commissioner Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara encouraged other institutions and individuals to emulate Youth in Action for Prosperity in supporting the Commission and recognizing citizens of high integrity to hold out as role models to the younger generation.