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Activist on the Run

Vibrant human rights activist, Henry Victor Gbangba, is yet to be found after being chased by Islamic extremists.

Henry-one time District Coordinator for the Technical Enhancement Awareness Movement is on the run following reports victimization by ardent Islamic fanatics.  

Henry’s organization, we are told, is a strong campaigner of issues such as sexual harassment, teenage pregnancy, health awareness, domestic violence, gay and lesbianism, and the stigma of Hiv patients.

That on the 28the February his organization was on a campaign at the Maguruka town-hall but suffered attack by passionate Muslim supporters on the ground that they are preaching unholy messages. 

That on the 19th March they decided take the same message to another township called Magbash, which further irritates some irate Muslim devotees in attacking and burning his house. 

Henry, we are told, is still being hunted but his whereabout is yet to found.

An eye-witnesses say he narrowly escape the clutches of the attackers on the day of the burning of his house.