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Aggrieved Clubs to Meet V.P

It has reached desks of Spectator sport that aggrieved club members will today meet with SLFA’s Vice President Alie Commoner Kargbo, in a bid to settle current footbal impasse.

They say the former SLFA Electoral Commissioner Lawyer Kortor, is but desperately mediating reconciliation between the parties.

It is not known whether the meeting will bring to rest lasting solution as to the the state of football in the country.

No doubt President Koroma, sometime last month, held number of meetings with SLFA executive and the aggrieved party to respectfully settle misunderstanding between them, but went in vain.

As at the commencement of the premier league last week, the aggrieved party has asked for the immediate sacking of SLFA’s acting general secretary Abdul Rahman Sawaray and former public relation officer now the deputy administrative officer in charge of competitions, Sorie Ibrahim Sesay.

This, to management of SLFA, seems quite impossible as the officials have not done anything wrong warranting their immediate dismissal.