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  • AIG East Karrow Kamara

~~The Assistance Inspector General of Police East, AIG Alfred Karrow Kamara, has bagged an award from the Youth in Action for Prosperity for a good work done for the people of Kenema in particular and the Eastern Region in general.
Youth in Action for Prosperity is a very large youth group whose main objective is to embrace and laud President Ernest Bai Koroma’s Agenda for Prosperity, and to make sure that hard working citizens are promoted through awards as a way of motivating or wetting their zeal to do more.
In the office of the AIG East, a member of the Youth in Action for Prosperity, Mr. Wahab Bangura, said AIG Alfred Karrow Kamara has been figured for hard work since his transfer to Kenema.
He praised the achievement of AIG Alfred Karrow Kamara in destabilizing the various cliques in Kenema city which used to disturb peaceful people. Mr. Bangura also lauded the efforts of the AIG East in curbing criminal activities in the city.
He maintained that the achievements of Mr. Karrow Kamara were due to his good professional policing, noting that the police boss was given the award as a result of his good work for the people of Eastern Region. “That is why our organization selected AIG Karrow Kamara among the first 100 contestants who were selected for the award competition,” Mr. Bangura disclosed.
Mr. Emmanuel Stafford, Director for Youth in Action for Prosperity, said AIG Karrow Kamara was later identified during the Ebola outbreak when he exhibited professional policing by making sure that he did not compromise his police job.
Mr. Stafford revealed that they first selected 100 people but only 25 were awarded including AIG Karrow Kamara who he said is the only AIG that benefited from “the credible and transparent” award and the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Allieu Munu.
In receiving the award, AIG Alfred Karrow Kamara thanked the organizers of the award. He said such award was not easy to come by as it was purposeful and weighty.
He recalled that when he was transferred to the Eastern Region, he cracked down on cliques and suspected criminals in Kenema, adding that today the people of the city are enjoying peaceful nights.
The AIG East also commented on how he fell out with some stakeholders over his stance on the full implementation of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s declaration of the State of Public Health Emergency aimed at containing the deadly disease from that region and the entire country.
AIG Karrow Kamara thanked his personnel whom he said are the pride of his success and those that made him achieve the wonderful and prestigious award.
He also thanked President Ernest Bai Koroma and his Government, and IG Francis Allieu Munu for giving them all necessary support that has led to the success in the fight against Ebola as well as curbing crimes in the region.
AIG Karrow Kamara also thanked the media and other stakeholders that have been the cornerstones in the foundation of achieving the award. He pleaded to all in his region of command to continue giving him all the necessary support that will continue to produce conducive atmosphere in the East.