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Airport at Mammah- Rubbish, Repair Pike Street Bridge Now!

Thankful to parliament for summoning the minister of works to make him explain reasons surrounding roads and potholes in the city.
My expectation, however, is that parliament will not limit the minister’s appearance to just the delay in the construction of roads, witless overlooking of potholes, but ask him say something on a ‘death trap’ bridge such as Pike Street, which if not repaired, is likely to wreak another havoc just as the collapsed King Jimmy Bridge.
Sierra Leone, unrelated to number of countries the world over, seems experiencing messes and mistakes, of problems and pain, the law and lawyers and judiciary, other troubles etc.
A case in point is situations where its infrastructures- roads in particular- are in reckless ruins, with tax payers’ money going down the drains.
My take on roads, potholes and bridges in Freetown hinges on the recent collapsed of the King Jimmy Bridge, which regretfully left six to ten dead.
The King Jimmy Bridge has existed for century years ago; and was built by our colonial masters- the British.
Its unfortunate collapsed has seen Sierra Leone not only losing lives, but a monumental structure that reminisces country’s colonial era…
I am not sure some of our politicians were even born when a bridge such as King Jimmy was constructed anyway.
Of course, no mention question it is twice scores and twice decades older than me (Ibrahim Samura.)
As used in this piece, I mean the title “airport at Mammah- rubbish, repair Pike Street now!” is but thoughtful, unavoidably geared towards advising government and parliament pay attention on the protection of life and property as is seen happened in civilized countries the world over.
I have myself visited the Pike Street Bridge and have seen the situation with which it is; so, if not repaired, it is no doubt it will wreak untold havoc on society.
I feel angry hearing stories of corrupt, cruel and selfish rich politicians, who at the expense of country’s God given prosperity have amassed wealth, leaving the vulnerable of society in underserved pain.
Pike Street Bridge is now truly a death trap. And must it not repaired, em! Big trouble!  Oh yes, when I was a boy myself, there was what used to be a ‘works inspection (roads and bridges) department at the ministry of works, which on an unchanging time tables, inspect roads and bridges and notify ministry’s officials as to which needed repairs as the case may be.
This, for decades, has seen bridges such the ones at Savage Street, Old Railway Line, Gbarray etc. lived till date.
The idea to have a new airport at Mammah village, to me, and of course many other Sierra Leoneans is admirable, but what seems quite unthinkable, is the fact that usable infrastructures are left to collapse because government wants a new airport built.
My honest opinion, suppose I am asked, will be to repair infrastructures serving as tributes to our fore fathers, colonial masters, and which also suggest how Sierra Leone was centuries ago.