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Gibrilla Koroma, a resident of Goderich, who is also championing the street light project in his community, has said that Airtel Money has transformed the way they do business with the National Power Authority (NPA) as it makes it easy for them to be recharging their pre-paid meters which supply light to the community.

With most communities within the capital now embarking on community development projects, one of which is the installation of street lights in various places including the Goderich community.

According to Gibrilla, they have several energy saver bulbs installed at strategic locations within the area powered by individual houses' prepaid meters with him as champion of the cause often going around collecting contributions using Airtel Money to recharge the said meters at ease.

He said that using Airtel Money to recharge the meters in question has so far proven to be successful and effective as no sooner he finishes collecting contributions, he comfortably sits at his home topping up all the meters for the provision of dusk to dawn electricity within the community.

Mr. Koroma said with the introduction of the mobile commerce, he has been saved the burden of coming all the way from Goderich to NPA head office or commercial banks to join long queues to recharge.

He noted that prior to him using Airtel Money to recharge the meters to power community lights, there were times when they had to go without electricity especially at weekends and public holidays when the NPA office remained closed.

Gibrilla said that since registering with Airtel Money, their stress of going without light on weekends and holidays has become a thing of the past as he just needs to collect household contributions, transform them into electronic cash in his M-Wallet and use it to instantly recharge with consummate ease.

He furthered that even community members appreciate his effort in using Airtel Money to recharge their meters for the street lights, adding that in the past he used to have problems with them when there was no light particularly at weekends and public holidays after having paid their contributions.

Mr. Koroma maintained that he has been using the latest state-of-the-art technology to send money to his relatives in Moyamba district which is at the moment isolated.

According to him, his relatives are very happy to be receiving financial support from him regularly and on time with no cause to complain as there are little administrative procedures involved in cashing in and out.    

He also touched on the latest Airtel "Bomba Moni" service which he said has been giving him 50% tariff reduction anytime he uses Airtel Money for transaction.

Gibrilla expressed appreciation to Airtel for giving back to its loyal subscribers by slashing half of the tariff for on-net calls for a week.

Anytime he uses Airtel Money for financial transaction for as less as Le 1,000, he said he automatically gets a 50% tariff reduction for all on-net calls for 7 days.

Apart from the 50% tariff, he said he with his family enjoy 100% bonus for on-net calls anytime he uses Airtel Money to top-up their phone. Gibrilla pledged his continued loyalty to Airtel.