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The Anglican Diocese of Freetown has joined the fray in supporting Government’s efforts to fight the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) that was first confirmed in Sierra Leone in May this year. The Anglican Church has graciously provided a land measuring 0.5 acres for the Ola During Children’s Hospital at Fourah Bay Street for the construction of a well spacious Ebola Isolation Unit. The Unit would be used for screening patients especially children and their parents before they could be transferred to an Ebola centre for treatment when the necessity arises.

While signing the Memorandum of Understanding, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Freetown, His Lordship Bishop Thomas Arnold Wilson, gave the background of the land they have offered to the hospital for temporary use until the protracted battle against the epidemic is concertedly won in the name of the Almighty Father. According to the Bishop, the church acquired the land in 1955 which it reserved for future use. But the Bishop however lamented that with the outbreak of the Ebola virus, and seeing the urgent need to help save the lives of Sierra Leoneans especially the children who are the future leaders and are among the most vulnerable groups in the country, the Anglican Church has found it expedient to offer the land to the Ola During Children’s Hospital as a Holding Unit for suspected Ebola cases.

One of the challenges facing the Government in the fight against the EVD is the provision of suitable lands for the construction of Holding Units and Treatment Centres for suspected cases and treatment of Ebola patients. Though many individuals and organizations have vast lands to offer to Government in meeting that challenge, not a single person or institution has been on record for such offer until the Anglican Diocese of Freetown came in handy. We at The Spectator wish to congratulate the Anglican Church and its spiritual Leader Bishop Thomas Arnold Wilson for taking the lead in offering land to Government as part of their own contribution in the fight against the deadly scourge of Ebola. Indeed, the Anglican Church deserves commendation as it is the first religious organization in the Freetown Municipality to have made such a selfless offer in an attempt to save the lives of our vulnerable children, who will take after us in future.

We are the least surprised at the offer which the Anglican Communion has made to Government as support to the fight against the EVD given the calibre of the Spiritual Leader, who has transformed the Church to an unprecedented level. Not only has His Lordship instilled confidence in the general membership of Church, he has put the Church to where it truly belongs. Whereas Luncheon Sales were done within the Church compound, His Lordship Bishop Thomas Wilson, like Jesus Christ who in no uncertain terms condemned gambling in the Temple, has vehemently banned Luncheon Sales in any Anglican Church compound in the Freetown Municipality.

Just as the Bishop described the children as the future leaders of our country whose lives need protection and caring, so to he has demonstrated his Spiritual Leadership in the Anglican Church by encouraging the youthful population in the Church to be more vibrant in the Church’s vineyard. Over and above all, His Lordship Bishop Wilson has firmly entrenched accountability and transparency in the administration of the Diocese. Even members who have once abandoned the Church for certain reasons, have returned to the Diocese because they are convinced that the Church has taken its correct place in the temple of fame.

While we believe the Anglican Communion and its Spiritual Leader deserve praise for the land they have offered to the Ola During Children’s Hospital for the construction of a Holding Unit, we will also appeal to them to continue taking the lead as a religious organization in the fight against the EVD so that more Sierra Leonean lives would be saved. Indeed, you surely deserve praise for your unprecedented action.