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APC Renders V.P Sam Sumana To Ridicule and Laughter

The expulsion of the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Abubakarr Sidique Sam Sumana and several others from the All Peoples Congress Party through the recommendation of the party’s National Advisory Committee (NAC), has raised so much concerns and debates across the country and the world at large.

This stern measure taken by NAC on march 6, 2015 to expel Vice President Sam Sumana which forms the high point of discussion was a unanimously decision base on the APC’s constitution as provided in Article 8 of 1995.

According to NAC’s findings, Vice President Sam Sumana deceitfully lied that he was a Muslim while he was not and at the same time presented a false educational credential of a master’s degree before the 2007 elections which brought them to power. These acts were considered by NAC as deceitful and fraudulent to the All People’s Congress Party.

According to the APC Constitution, there is always the need for a Muslim and a candidate from Southern or Eastern region to become a Vice President if the president is coming from the Northern region being a Christian as well. 

These the APC believed could create a religious and regional balance representation of the country’s political leadership.

At the moment there claims do not have any strong base to have caused the Vice president expulsion from the party. Sierra Leoneans are now asking question why now? And why didn’t the APC party do not screen their running mate properly.

It seems the APC needed Vice President Sam Sumana not because they wanted him as a party member but because they were sure of winning elections with him (the V.P) and President Koroma. Besides, the 1991 constitution of Sierra Leone does not make provision for a Muslim President /Vice President nor any specific level of educational credential qualification. The fact is one must be able to read and write. Only that section 41 of the 1991 constitution states that no person shall be qualified for election as President unless he is a citizen of Sierra Leone, a member of a political party, has attained the age of forty years, and is otherwise qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament. This provision goes as well for the Vice President. 

As it is the core issue that have heightened the Vice President’s  expulsion according to NAC’s report,was his involvement in anti- party activities which borders on formenting  violence, inciting hate, threatening the personal security of key party functionaries, carrying out anti-propaganda and engaging in activities that does not march with the aspirations of the party’s objectives. 

These actions for which VP Sam Sumana was expelled were complaints made by strong political members from his own political district. The complainants further remarked that Vice President Sam Sumana has not added any value to the All Peoples’ Congress Party, this sound ridiculous to the nation.

The All Peoples Congress Party (APC) must know that their action against the Vice President is not limited within party circle only. It is an every Sierra Leoneans concern as the party has a National character with offices and members hip across the country and as a matter of fact it is currently the ruling governing party with Parliamentary representatives across the country. 

So Sierra Leoneans are also concern about the Vice President’s position now that he is not an APC member (a Comrade), his official duties as Vice President, when he does not belong to a party as provided  in section 41 (b) of the 1991 constitution, this renders his position as Vice President insignificant because he is no longer a member of the majority ruling APC party. How could one expect himself and the President to work for the nation while they are not comrades any longer?

What is really baffling the Sierra Leonean populace at home and aboard is  that just after Vice President Sam Sumana started his appeal process through his legal advice r few days ago, which the APC party hierarchy accepted hypocritically in good faith, we surprisingly heard over the BBC media that the vice president  was seeking asylum at the United State Embassy for reasons not convincingly clear to the nation. Is this still an APC affair that is threatening the democratic process in the country?

It will be better, the APC follow the appropriate procedure  through Parliament for thorough investigation about  the Vice President through section 51 of the Sierra Leone Constitution that deals with misconduct of the presidency base on anti-party activities that  have bearing with violent  and disturbing the peace of the state . And that the Vice President seeking asylum at the US Embassy in Sierra Leone is sending that the s bad signal that the security of the state is questionable as well as others activities are not running smoothly.