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Bo Rangers Boycotts

Our eastern region correspondent has said Bo Rangers will not take part in the on going premier league.

It was expected that Bo Rangers would have locked horns with Diamond Stars Saturday 14th, but the match was postponed to Monday 16th for an unexplained reason.

According to our correspondent, Koidu town football field Monday 16th saw the presence of match officials, including host side Diamond Stars and hundreds of football loving fans, in anticipation of the arrival of the visiting side Bo Rangers, which incidently turned out to a disappointment to the fans nonetheless.

Kono sources say Diamond Stars FC was disappointed when they eventually grasp the news that visiting side has refused honouring the league fixture.

Bo sources maintained that players of Bo Rangers are willing to play, but were stopped by the team’s executive.

Relatively, Kono District Football Association, in conjunction with the embattled Chairman of Diamond Stars FC, Chief Torto, are in an unbending resistance with the aim of bringing disorder from among players of Diamond Stars.

It is still not known whether the point for yesterday’s match will be awarded to Diamond Stars.