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Komba Fillie
  • (Workers of LEOCEM at the sanitization meeting)

Business Coalition against AIDS in Sierra Leone on Wednesday has engaged both causal and permanent workers of the LEOCEM Company at cline town on the prevention of Ebola.

Speaking during the sensitization meeting at LEOCEM factory, Cline town in Freetown, James King from the Health Education Department in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation underscored the importance of the Ebola prevention.

He said Ebola is real and one of the reason for it massive spread is disbelief.

He pointed out that Barth carriers of Ebola follow by animal and person to person, and there are no medicines but to take active precaution against it spread.

He noted that  Ebola can contacted through direct contact with body fluid, vomit, sweat, tears, saliva, urine, feces, breast milk, sperm, virginal secretions and running nose.

The only prevention is by avoiding direct contact, body fluid, vomit, sweat, tears, saliva, urine, feces, breast milk, sperm, virginal secretions and running nose.

He warned the workers to also avoid eating fruit and always wash their hands with soap after touching sick people. Another issue he asked them to deviate from was the sharing of sharp instrument like razor, blade, or needle.

He cited diarrhea, vomiting, body weakness, difficult in swallowing, body pain and skin rash as some of the signs and symptoms for Ebola.  He encourages the workers to immediately report any suspected case to the nearest health center.

In a related development, Mohamed K Sandi from National AIDS Secretariat also use the opportunity to adequately inform the workers that despite the outbreak of Ebola they should not also forget to prevent themselves on HIV/AIDS. He said there has been a lot of HIV/AIDS campaign and sensitization but yet still there is misconception about HIV. He said HIV also kills quickly when it gets into the human body and you don’t know your status.

He encouraged people to go for VCC test so that they can know their status. He pointed out that knowing your status help to take more preventive steps and if found positive one can join to any support group for further support. He explained the signs and symptoms of HIV adding that they are more similar to that of Ebola. He said women are more prone to the disease and therefore encouraged all to join the campaign in prevention of both HIV/AIDS and Ebola.

Main while the  Health and Safety  Officer at LEOCEM  Ken Phillip Sondi  assured the Business Coalition against AIDS  that with  immediate effect all the workers will  take the necessary precaution such as washing hands with chlorine and avoiding the above preventive measures.