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Chie Whip of Parliament Awarded for Hard Work

  • hon. Kamanda received an award for outstanding performances

The chief whip of the house of parliament hon. Claude DM Kamanda has received two awards for his outstanding performance in his parliamentary activities and that of the fight against the deadly Ebola epidemic in the country

The strong and dynamic leader representing constituency 095 western rural district for the past years has being a strong debater in the well of parliament and contributed immensely in the fight against t the Ebola disease in the waterloo and Newton environ.

In light of these achievements an organization called Diaspora Focus a humanitrain   organization awarded hon. kamanda for the meritorious work done in the fight against Ebola in the country, while the children of Sierra Leone through the kids advocacy network awarded hon. chief whip as parliamentarian of the year 2014.

The award describes the chief whip as outstanding contributor to the development of Sierra Leone more particularly in children’s affairs.

Speaking to this medium on the awards received ,hon kamanda appreciated both organization for awarding him  and noted that “hard works pays” .hon. kamanda dedicated the Ebola award to Ebola orphans and medical personnel’s that are the front LINE  in fighting the diseases while dedicated the other to parliamentarians for their wonderful contribution in the development of the country