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Colum women’s own - Who’s Responsible? Part 1

I have been living with my step father since I was five years old; he has always looked at me as his own daughter. We became so close that  sometimes my mom even  show jealousy, but I have always teased her of my dad having a lot of women out there, since he was a handsome good looking guy.

My step dad, of course, works in one of the local mining companies as a logistic officer. At home we barely lack anything. We were not rich but at least had all we wanted at home.

 My step dad even sometimes had spear cash to throw around on women. One classic example is that I knew he was dating one of my friends; my university mate as a third year students. 

She will drive a car to school, carry all the recent IPhones and has always had spear cash to give to his boy friend that was pursuing the same course with her. Her name was Marian. Marian was also dating a lecturer that was lecturing us. She will never sit to any of his exams. She even went to the extent of asking Mr Kalllon, her lecturer’s boy friend, to help Danny (his college mate) boy friend. 

She will ask Mr Kallon gives him grades he doesn’t deserve, claiming nonetheless that Danny was his cousin. She was good in playing around men, in telling them what to do at all time. She was very commanding as she was the queen of her local college club called ‘desperate queens.’ 

The queen of the club means she was the head. She has even manipulated my step father’s uncle Moses, as I usually call him to buy a piece of land for her, which I knew of, but never told my mom about that.

The bad thing was that he didn’t own a land himself but yet will buy one for her. If he were my real father, I should have confronted him and tell him the fact, but my mom was so peaceful that she will barely ask uncle Moses any question about his extra marital affairs.

 She always obeys what Uncle Moses says, sometime I assume my mother is a dumb, but after all she knows better than me, I again soliloquize. There was one day my step father did not come home till at 2 am. He lied to my mom that his bosses from London came to the company to make some verification and clarifications and they were due to go back the next day, so the entire senior management spent time with them till 1.30 am. But the real fact was, Marian has asked uncle Moses spends some time with her at guest house that night. I came to know that because Marian was bragging to one of our friends Maggie, and Maggie has told me this because she wants me tells my mom. I never dear to break my mom’s heart and so, I did not even tell her.

Danny was a well popular student. He has got the habits of sleeping with a lot of female students unprotected, but his main woman was Marian. He was an icon throughout his leadership of the most popular male club on campus. We only have one car at home and that was owned by my step dad. My mom will only use a car if my step dad is home and not ready to go out, yet my step father has bought a car for his lover Marian and not my mom. That was rubbish though. She was so disrespectful that she will hold my step father in a guest house for hours anytime she wants money, not letting him go home to his family. At one point, it came to my mind that if anything like this happen to me, I will kill that woman or girl. But my mom was not knowledgeable of this and I have been tempted so many times to tell her, but I was scared because I know it will hurt her so much that she will do anything, and I cared about my mom. 

My step dad has one time burst into my room and I was completely naked, he never dear to say sorry to me, he just turned his back and went back to the living room. At that time my mom was out with our house maid to the market as it was on a Saturday morning as I was dressing up to go for private lessons. I came out of the room and ask him what he looking for, he told me that he wanted to ask me some questions, but later said, ‘never mind I have got the answer though.’ What the hell he meant about that, I don’t understand at all. 

Throughout that day I kept thinking over what he wanted to ask me, maybe he wanted to try his luck to ask me to sleep with him, but I thought as much that he won’t do it. If he wanted anything he should have jumped on me as he has seen everything he probably is looking for. His love for younger flesh was in increase as I was told that he had another girl at college somewhere as his girl friend.

 At one point, I thought he loves paying school fees but he was always late to pay mine as I use to go to my late dad’s brother asking him help me out and after serious pressure from my mom, he will reimburse me as I will then use it to settle other personal things for myself as a grown up child. 

The only fee he will pay in my house without any fuss was my younger brother Mickey, his son, whom he loves so much. He will do anything for him; he was his only child and my mom’s only son. My mom was unable to give birth to any other child other than him because of health reasons. The doctor has told my mom if she dares have another child there is 90 percent chance of her not making it at birth. She had her son on caesarean birth.

 One day my dad collapsed and he was rushed to the hospital. The doctor ran some checks on him and several tests and came with the results.

Part 2 next edition.