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The Constitutional Review Committee of Sierra Leone on Tuesday at the Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown held a day’s training for members of the sub-committee on state policy and human rights to broaden their understanding to effectively deal with issues relating to the judiciary, executive, legislature, natural resources, local government, Information, education and communication , state policy and human rights.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Chief Technical Adviser to the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), Mr. Sana Boloch, said the constitutional review process is a historic opportunity for Sierra Leone and to redress their legal and constitutional challenges through national dialogue. He also said the process will also provide a significant entry point to review the 1991 Constitution, identify lapses and provide substantive inputs that will enhance their professional expertise in their daily operations.

The training, he said would be a continuous process until the Ebola outbreak is contains, adding that the CRC  has not suspended its  cannot at this moment organize outreach activities , but that tow training sessions would be held per week.  He reiterated that the workshop was also to explore the concept of human rights and gender and to further examine various existing state polices including youth, gender, the local content policy and disability among others. He said it is CRC’s mandate to capacitate members of the sub-committees t o better perform their responsibilities. The UNDP Chief Technical Adviser appealed to Sierra Leonean experts in various disciplines to give their time and energy by making their inputs, present position papers or recommendations to the committee that would enable the CRC achieve its objectives.

‘’It is Sierra Leoneans who should take the lead in the entire process,’’ he said. He said clarified that the CRC has not suspended its activities due to the Ebola outbreak, stressing that now is the time for Sierra Leoneans to make their structured and right- based contributions to the process. Mr. Boloch also affirmed that now is the appropriate time for the international community to support the process and for to take it more seriously by going through the surgical analysis of the constitution. He revealed that the sub- committees have met and received submissions from between 7-8 international organizations, 30 local non- governmental organizations, civil society organizations and political parties.

The Chairman of the CRC, Justice Edmond Cowan, commended the efforts of the UNDP and further appealed for more support to the Committee to produce a document that would reflect the views and aspirations of all Sierra Leoneans.