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Ebola, A ‘Rich’ or ‘Die’ Stratagem

The saying “a sound mind in a sound body is the most useful instrument” has seen me also say “a sound mind in a sound body needs be in good physical shape wherewith to serve God.”

But as I support philosophers’ beliefs of what a sound mind in a sound body is, the compels to inescapably relate same to what is EBOLA in the Sierra Leone context, government’s stand point to eradicating it, loads of money (millions) already received, how it is used, makes me call things- a not easy challenge though.

I have, because, knowing Sierra Leone and Sierra Leonean politicians, makes me also say: “just when the so viciously and deadlier disease would have been getting rid of, no doubt some may have made millions and some die and buried poorer.

Like a man I so admire, Edward Lear, once said: “and what can we expect if we haven't any dinner, but to lose our teeth and eyelashes and keep on growing thinner?' as he tries countenancing situations linking or one way or the other luring all go the extra miles, asking imbibe the strategy of always putting food on their tables or will in no doubt grow thinner, has seen me also take look at what is described as Ebola within context of Sierra Leone, defining same as a scourge that is likely to make handful of individuals become rich or richer, others poor or poorer.


Not too sure, anyhow, that knowing Sierra Leone for what it is, monies it has received or expect to receive from donors for the elimination of Ebola, will in no doubt be spent as expected.

I have said this because as I take my pen to write this piece, I have already been told that the contract for the procuring of the recently imported 16 ambulances was awarded to no less a person, but the brother of one of society’s biggest ‘allayjos.

Oh yes! And it is with no disbelief that I have said what I now say and have said it with my hand on the chest, challenging all to practise the ‘wait and see’ doctrine; to prove me right or wrong that those who say are government’s appointed wheelers in the fight against EBOLA; a virus I so called a murderer, has come to make the corrupt more corrupt, the rich more richer, the poor more poorer and the vulnerable more vulnerable- trust my words.

Also, will it surprise you that ambulances procured are said to worth US$ 52,500 and were air freighted at the cost of US$280,000 even though unconfirmed.

Just when the outbreak infiltrated poor mother Sierra Leone, tongues gesticulate, some blaming government, others country’s health ministry, few Satan; not God at all, because God isn’t a party to any bad, but as I put words together, I have been left without option but say to those who now make fame over what I now called ‘blood’ monies that every man is for himself, his own ends, but the devil is for all oh!

So if those who say are the strategists, or planners, or experts to issues explaining Ebola think it’s time for them to make millions, I implore them all to good-naturedly reminisce souls of the innocent, and for the sake of God, do what’s right of society. It’s no gainsaying that a good dog deserves a good bone and a bad dog a hit on the back too.

History has told us that many has fallen because they’ve unceremoniously betrayed the cause of justice; failing to go by the strong belief in the justice of their course, the intention in the prosecution of it, and the strictest integrity, and has seen them roped, prosecuted, convicted and dealt with by law as provided for in the anti corruption act 2008. 

My inclusion of what explain actions of the anti corruption, how unscrupulous politicians and civil servants above, no doubt look like a calculated and intentional attempt to make country’s Ebola strategists and administrators think Sierra Leone and not selfishly put the lives of the poor into utter risk all in the name of the love of money.  

Again also, and in all of these, the media (including me) has been completely silent- either because they think the act is planned, or because the end of the road to politicians’ uncalled for or ungodly acts are near to revelation, or because as media practitioners, they intend standing alone among the rest of mankind, or because life, as they see it, is not a stroll across a field but the way or how one sees it.

 Indeed a quite thinkable action by colleagues though! And my salutation is to all who’ve kept their mouths shut, but have had time looking at the authenticity of things.

To certain also things seem reaching close, and it makes a good judgment in beginning to examine conducts of health/government officials in relation to monies reportedly donated to Sierra Leone, shortly after the disease EBOLA was confirmed a disaster to society.

Of course, my reference reveals monies on hand and is provided by the undermentioned organizations, no disbelief amounted to billions, which also has seen private vehicles hired at a cost allegedly above USD $300 a day, parading city, provincial, district headquarter towns, possibly villages, playing jingles explaining EBOLA, how it could be eradicated or prevented etc.

The suspicion as frequently, or almost every day grumbled by the rest of mankind (the sufferers), is that the disease EBOLA may not have entered Sierra Leone had government wisely mimics the likes of other African countries whose borders were long closed shortly after it was reported that the outbreak has overtaken Guinea, of course, immeasurably killing people just like that.


That said, and like everything has been said, we are more than seven thousand years of human thought too late, to have prevented what is now a health warfare, with the Minister of Information now engaging the international and local media, telling them his government has resolved imposing three days lockdown nationwide to help identify infected persons, where possible provide treatment for them.


Though not a medical practitioner myself, I, of course, support such action because I believe it will lend a hand in minimizing the spread of so killable a disease such as EBOLA, even though I also do not take for granted it will result in lack of food on the path of the poor of society.


Anyway, anyhow, I have just wetted your appetite that I intend immediately publish names of institutions that have donated monies to government on towards the eradication of EBOLA, but have somewhat not do so even now.

I haven’t, because I wouldn’t have explained what is talked about above. Again also, and because I intend explain what I now explain, here am I to say: China Kingho- Le 400 Million, Octea-  Le 200 Million, Airtel-Le 400 Million, Mercury- Le 150 Million, Vimetco- Le 132 Million, African Minerals- Le 100 Million, Tegloma- Le 22, 500 Million, London Mining- Le 115 million, Chamber of Commerce- Le 50 million, National Petroleum- Le 165 million, Sierratel- Le 200 million, German Embassy-  Le 50,000 Euros, S.L Nurses Ass. Can. And USA- Le 21,500 million, SL State Lottery- Le 50 million, SLACB-Le 150 million, Ipas SL- USD 10,000, Peninsular Fishing- Le 50 million, Transnational and Capital Radio- Le 45 million, SLFA and FIFA Solidarity- 217 million, Mercury Int’l- Le 250 million, Lebanese Consul General- Le 50 million, Insurance Companies SL- Le 85 million, Bank of Sierra Leone- Le 100 million, Bar Association- Le 100 million, TELTAC Africa- Le 500 million, National Tourist Board- Le 55 million, Freetown Dinner Club- Le 50 million and African Mineral- USD200,000, Worth of equipment and consumables.

As I say‘tata’ to all, it makes sense ask all join me keep our eyes on things, monitor government’s use of money donated on towards the fight against EBOLA.


My last words as I leave you reveals saying of Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis: “make God deliver you, dear readers; from a fixed is him that makes both supermen and mad men.”