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EE Lions Chairman Angry over Club Suspension

Chairman of the East End Lions Football Club, Sanusie “Buski” Kargbo, has reacted furiously to what he referred to as “stupid and draconian” decision taken by the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) to ban his club from participating in all local and CAF competitions for three years. SLFA on Tuesday stunned football fans by confirming the ban in a press statement.

According to the press statement, the 2014 Premier League champions failed to participate in this year’s CAF Champions League competition.

The Lions’ Chief said the action is fake, baseless and totally not in tune with the spirit of the game, adding that it is deliberate action and real witch-hunt by the FA President, Madam Isha Johansen, who, he said, has continued to create bad blood and division among football stakeholders.

“We are no push overs; East End Lions is not only a great club but also one of the oldest in Africa,” the Chairman said. “We will fight to the last of our breath; it is unacceptable.”

He recounted when the FA approached them on their willingness to participate in the competition and the FA’s readiness to financially support the club. Buski said, “The FA reneged on their promise and swallowed their words as they failed to respond to us when we submitted our budget request. Besides, there is a national ban on football activities and it became virtually impossible for us to assemble our boys.”

When asked whether they registered for the said competition, he replied, “We didn’t because the FA was insincere.”

Chairman Kargbo maintained that football brings peace, unity and development but stated emphatically stated the Madam Isha-led executive has only succeeded in bringing acrimony and disrepute into the game. His club, he added, is just a mere victim of circumstances and that the action of FA was out of hatred and malice.

He added: “This decision is humiliating for one of the most successful clubs in the country. Madam Isha is a novice in football. How can only three persons among nine executive members effect such decision?”

Chairman Kargbo said this is the first time in the history of this country having such problems and challenges in football because, according to him, those at the helm of affairs are complete strangers learning on the job.

On their ‘maladministration and wicked tendencies,’ Chairman Buski noted that the FA never congratulated them or offered then a trophy or medals as Premier League champions.

“Madam Isha is running a three-man show with no clear intention to develop the game,” he claimed. “She has to understand that we are spending our personal resources to promote the game despite the hurdles we are facing. They must think fast to reverse the decision.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Kargbo has called on the club supporters to exercise patience as they pursue the matter as speedily as possible.