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  • Musa Tarawally

The diabolical activities of the current Sierra Leone Drivers’ Union President, Alpha Bah, continue to undermine the day-to-day administration of the union.

Very reliable sources have disclosed that the Sierra Leone Drivers’ Union President, Mr. Alpha Bah, and the Director of Lands and Country Planning, Mr. Augustine Kai-Banya, have conspired to sell about 1.2 acres of land at the Central Lorry Park for over Le420 million.

The said land which the unscrupulous Drivers’ Union President and the Director of Lands and Country Planning sold to a Lebanese business magnate was meant for the Shop Owners Union of the Freetown Central Lorry to implement several development projects for the benefit of the community and passengers travelling in and out of the country.

It was also alleged that Alpha Bah is using the name of the Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment to intimidate and scare the Shop Owners Union away from embarking on any developmental projects within the mandated area given to them by the Ministry of Lands.

Further investigation conducted by this medium reveals that the Drivers’ Union President continues to sell land clandestinely with his cohorts at the Lands Ministry.

The Director of Lands and Country Planning in the Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Augustine Kai-Banya, has already given the go ahead to Shop Owners Union to continue with their developmental strides on the said land, but the continuous interference and political bickering by the desperate Alpha Bah has distracted the people from their original plan to implement development projects on the land.

It could be recalled that the Shop Owners Union is an apolitical and independent association playing a dynamic part of the trading and international process in the private sector of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

And the presence of Alpha Bah, who is using the influence of the Lands Minister to intimidate the legitimate landowning association, continues to hinder development within the community.

Minister Musa Tarawallie himself has a question to answer pertaining to his forceful removal of the Freetown Central Lorry Park from the Management that was legally in control of the park from the period of the erstwhile SLPP Government.

The Minister is reported to have set up his own management team that collects dues and report to him directly with the loot, as he is to account for hundreds of millions of Leones he had deprived the legal management from collecting.

Minister Musa Tarawallie reportedly took over the park with the naïve remarks that they as a Government do not recognize the agreement the Management of the Freetown Central Lorry Park made with the former SLPP Government for the park.

The Spectator will unearth the monumental corruption going on within the Drivers Union and also the name of the Lebanese tycoon that bought the parcel of land at the Freetown Central Lorry Park.