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For Exposing ‘Bondo’ Society… FGM Activist Declared Wanted!

Traditional leaders and society women of Mayorma village have declared an activist, Alusine Abdulai Kamara, who is notable for advocating against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), wanted dead or alive.
According to reliable sources within the police ,it all started in December 2015, when Alusine Abdulai Kamara and his parents travelled to their paternal village, Mayorma for the funeral rite of his grandfather.
Their visit to the village, according to family sources, coincided with the initiation of girls into the women’s society called ‘Bondo’, where girls would have their genitals mutilated before they would graduate into womanhood.
The sources furthered that one day when young women were chasing girls in the village who were non-initiates to have them initiated into the ‘Bondo’ society, Alusine Abdulai Kamara interrupted the young women and lashed out at them for still performing Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) which the world is condemning.
Following a heated argument between the young man and the women, who accused him of interfering in women’s society, he went to the village youth chairman and borrowed a megaphone which eyewitnesses say he used to announce that women should stop violating the rights of girls.The death of his sister and a neighbour's daughter has been a reason for part of his action.
The entire women in the village and its surroundings went to the Village Chief and reported the matter, according to an inside source within the police ,adding that the following night, the chief summoned him to his court to answer to some queries with regards his interference in the issue of women.
When Alusine Abdulai went to the chief, he was told that the elders (Soweis in the native language) of the ‘Bondo’ society had formally complained him to the chief for allegedly attacking their traditional practice and beliefs which had existed from pre-colonial era.
The Village Chief faulted him for not only criticizing the initiation of girls into the ‘Bondo’ society, but for also exposing the secret society publicly using megaphone and therefore charged that he was in serious trouble.
Chiefdom authorities in the Village says the Chief commanded his guards to detain Alusine A. Kamara in a lockup at the back of the chief’s compound where he was brutally manhandled and starved by the lockup guards, whilst women surrounded the lockup singing provocative songs and dancing round the poorly ventilated building for several days before the Village Chief granted him bail after many pleas from his parents and relatives.
Alusine A. Kamara, sources went on, was released on condition that he would not leave the village until the final verdict was passed by the chief, which his parents and relatives agreed on.
He started attending the village court following his release from lockup but one day, according to family sources, an old woman went to his mother and told her about plans by the society women to kill him and the old woman therefore advised that her son should leave the country immediately before he is killed.
He eventually escaped at midnight and went straight to his friend in the capital Freetown, where he was sighted as news has gone to the authorities down there that he was wanted, family sources said, adding that when the Village Chief discovered that Alusine A. Kamara had escaped from the village, the chief consulted with other traditional leaders in the village and the entire country and consequently, they unanimously declared him wanted dead or alive for exposing the ‘Bondo’ society which is traditionally abominable.
Since then, the whereabouts of Alusine A. Kamara are not known as young women and youths of the village continue their man-hunt for him.