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Facebook Part 1

My phone rang at about 3.30 am one cold morning. It was in the month of December in the harmatan season. The place was really cold. It was very unusual for my phone to ring that early. I didn’t have a boyfriend and I really don’t have anyone overseas for any an unusual call.

 It was a male voice, though not too certain. I have broken up with my boy friend Sam. Sam was the biggest cheat i have seen in my life. I love him so much, but I was very disappointed at him. I lost both my parents. They had died of cancer shortly after i graduated from college. I was their only child. My parents’ brothers not really seem to care about how i go about my life, or even how I eat for the day.

 I have been surviving through my dad’s meager pension. As he was, of course, working at the finance ministry. I have begged my Aunts and Uncles to help me get a job, but none of them will do, they will always tell me that they will call me but will never do. Earlier my dad has introduced me to the then minister as his only daughter. The minister came to my dad’s funeral and he promised to help me get a job. When I visited him, he was saying something else. He wanted a relationship though. I hated that, I  just never went there anymore. One day i was so broke i didn’t have any money. I want to buy food and other toiletries for my own use. I decided to send a text message to the minister. In reply he said he was going to send someone to my house shortly. I thought he was joking since I have not turned up any more to his office. For less than an hour i saw a black jeep with a government number plate. As the driver scroll down his window glass, I went closer to him. He asked me if I was Fatmata. I said yes to him. He asked me for my number to confirm it. I gave it to him and he beeped my phone, then he was satisfied. He brought a brown envelope and gave it to me. It was five hundred thousand Leones (Le 500,000). I was very happy. I Went and bought all I needed including a bag of rice. 

The thought that came to my mind was that it was not for nothing as there was note in the envelope that was giving which has the address of a certain guest house in town, asking me to meet him there that night at 8pm. In my mind I said hell it. My dad has been working for him for a long time and I thought that was his really pension.  

On one of my usual rants to find a job, i came across Sam. He was so nice to me in the first instance. He was working in one of the local banks. Our relationship went stronger and he asked me to move in with him.  We were like husband and wife; we will do everything in common. After he has helped me get a job in another bank, we both put out resources together to run the home just like husband and wife. We bought a car which we decided to put in his name, but I contributed more money than he did because i was better paid than him. He was a cashier and i was working in the marketing department as i had a degree in marketing. But i didn’t look all that as i was very submissive to him. I will do all he asked without asking questions. He was so proud of me that he will boast among his friends that he has one of the best women in the world. My mom thought me a lot of things; i was brought up in a very good manner. I have never gone to night club before. For anytime we have a school programme, i was always absent, my friends will mock me, my nickname was grammar. I never made fuss out of it and i accepted the name so well and was even answering it whenever i was called by that name. I barely date men in school. I only date once, and that was in college. We didn’t even take years, and we broke up. I was never able to go along with him because he didn’t find me more social. He invites me to parties, and other school functions and i will turn it down. His name was jack. He loved party. He will drink alcohol so much and he will never be able to go to class the next day. He gets himself involved in whole lots of organisations within college. He was always busy with party or meetings, so he was looking for a girl who can go along with him in that trend. Once he got it he cut me loose.  I love him so much, but i just could not change him. I tried so many times to change him but i could not. I felt it as first, but later i began to move on. It was better for me. It gave me more time to look at my studies. At one point, i thought that’s why i was making good grades as i have no distraction on my head. My late mom will always ask me if i don’t have boyfriend, and i will tell her no. She never knew someone as my boy friend. She was very proud of me. But one day she called me into her room urges me to go out and enjoy myself once or a while. I told her i don’t like party. She begs me to socialize but i turned her down.  I never showed her any of my friends. She was asking me what kind of woman am i. but will always say to her, mom don’t worry i will be fine. 

 Part 2 next edition.