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Final Kick to Ebola… South African Medical Team Jets In

Mariama Sesay
  • Madam Aminata Kallay, Deputy Youth Minster  and South Africa Medical Team

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of South Africa in Sierra Leone, Madam Aminata Kallay has welcomed a 12 man medical team from South Africa to Sierra Leone for a final kick to ebola.

Speaking at the Radson Blue Mammy Yoko Hotel west of Freetown on Sunday 25th January 2015, Madam Kallay said the 12 man team came through the United Nations/ African Union as a way of giving their contribution to the fight against ebola in the country. The team will be in the country for eight weeks. 

The 12 man team which is made up of young Medical Doctors, Nurses, Professional Nurses among others showed their determination to see an end of ebola in Sierra Leone from their speech and determination.

The Honorary Consul described their coming to the country as very timely stating that they should have been in the country before now but now they are in Sierra Leone to help in the final fight  against the virus disease.

The team she went on to say will based at their coordination center at Goderich and from there they will be deployed in various centers in Freetown.

“I think we can give added support to see that ebola end quickly, that is why they are here,”

The Honorary Consul further stated that South Africa has a running testing lab at Lakka.

She stressed that Ebola is a greatest concern to them. The Honorary Consul thanked the UN/AU, the President of South Africa and team for taking the bold step to come to Sierra Leone at a time like this.

She explained that the three countries have got lots of orphans. She spoke about the hospitability of Sierra Leoneans and that they will get the best treatment just like their home.

John Connelly, Operations Manager Right To Care South Africa, said they are very happy to see the numbers going down. He said it will be amazing if the team can leave Sierra Leone with zero cases in the next eight weeks they are here.   

World Health Organization (WHO) Foreign Medical Team Leader in Sierra Leone Dr. Tarun Weeramanthri said WHO is here to support the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Health as their role.

He disclosed that 30 Foreign Medical Teams are now in Sierra Leone. He pointed out that 15 are from Governments and the other 15 are from NGO’s from all around the world, stressing that the biggest team is from Cuba.

He said one thing he noticed was that the teams are well integrated and he wished them all the best in the country. 

Some of the team members this media spoke to said they are here to fight because they are trained for that through their profession. They said from the perception they were getting from the news in South Africa, they thought everybody is infected with the virus but what they have seen on the ground is quite different.

The described the situation in the country as a global issue. “I made a decision because it is a need for my profession; we are here to make an impact.”

At the welcome ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Youth and the Administrative Secretary to the Consul among others were present.