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Free Education: A Hoax in Tokeh Village

Ilyasa Baa

As operatives of the Ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) are busy trying to make political gains with the Free Education programme, schools in Tokeh village in Constituency 110, Ward 388, which have been in existence for over a decade, have not been approved despite the efforts made so far to have the Ministry of Education approve them to enhance learning in that tourist attraction Peninsular village.

A community teacher at the Friends of Education Baptist Primary School in Tokeh, Bai Koroma revealed to Guardian Post that about nine of them, as teachers, of the school, have not been approved after meeting all the criteria for approval. He added that the school has existed for the past fourteen years without any approval or assistance from government. According to him, the free education cannot be effective in Tokeh if the schools and teachers are not approved and more space provided. He cited over-crowding and poor infrastructure as challenges the SLPP government should have rectified before implementing the Free Education programme.

However, it was revealed to this medium that the Kulafahi Rashideen Secondary School has over seven hundred pupils with only five class rooms and a host of unapproved teachers whose documents have already been processed but not yet approved by the ministry.

Headman of Tokeh, Alhaji James Slowe has made a clarion call to both ministries to speedily approve their schools, noting that their approval is key to the development of the children and the village at large. He said the supply of educational materials is not enough for the kids whom he said would like to see their teachers in happy mood instead of the current situation which is not favorable for the teachers and the schools. He explained that before the launching of the Free Education programme, the villagers used to provide some assistance to the unapproved teachers but ceased after the introduction of the

Free Education programme which they taught would have provided the solution faced in the education sector.