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The confederation department of Sierra Leone Labour Congress comprises of various Unions under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour is said to be sidelined by the central government over the years.
In an interview at his Wallace Johnson Street office, Jenkins Wright, President of the Sierra Leone Labour Congress accused state authorities of allowing investors to abusing the local content policy, adding that this problem should be critically looked into.
He said investors are in the habit of reneging their responsibility to maintaining a conducive atmosphere and good working conditions for their workers; stating that the Sierra Labour Congress is overwhelm with complaints by employees against their employers.
Workers he said are molested and marginalized by their employers causing serious pressure for the government.
He appealed to investors to stop creating job description for expatriates with good working condition, leaving Sierra Leoneans to toil day and nights.
He called on various MDAs and Ministries to have cordial and collaborative movement in working with the Sierra Leone Labour Congress for the welfare of workers across the country.
Jenkins-Wright also explains that monies given to pensioners by the National Social Security Insurance Trust are ridiculously; noting that 60% of the pensioners refused to collect their retirement fund because of the preposterous amount.
The government and the relevant authorities he said should look into this all important issue concerning pensioners across the country.
In his conclusion, the Labor Congress President urged the legislature and the Ministry of Labour to critically look into some of the laws of the Labour Ministry as they need urgent reviewing.
The congress he says play a pivotal role in terms of development in the country.