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Gray Bush Community Gets New Toilet Facility

Save the Children International in collaboration with other non-governmental organizations under the Water Sanitation and Health (WASH) consortium, has enhanced the construction of toilets and water facilities in one of Freetown’s slum areas.

The project is part of WASH’s efforts in ensuring proper hygienic practice in slum areas, especially Gray Bush, where incidences related to improper hygiene have been the order of the day.

In a bid to restore improved livelihood of members of that community, following the deadly Ebola outbreak, the WASH consortium decided to construct toilets and water enhancement facilities for inhabitants of that community.

During handing over ceremony of the facilities, the Head of Programme for Save the Children International, Peter Bailey, affirmed that WASH consortium will only be able to achieve their mandate through the practice of transparency and accountability.  He therefore appealed to the community to maintain the facility so that the resources poured into it will not go in vain.

Peter Bailey admonished inhabitants to be mindful of hygienic practices by constantly cleaning their environments and ensuring that the facilities provided are kept under proper care and control, so that it would serve their need for a considerable period of time.

The supervisor of Guma Valley Water Company, Desmond Maxwell, said the water company is faced with the issues of illegal connections and cutting of water pipes, which he said have resulted in insufficient supply of water in the country.

He also warned inhabitants to handle the facilities with utmost care, considering the huge amount of money spent to construct them.

Desmond Maxwell also emphasized the issue of cleaning the facilities through community mobilization, backed up with concrete bye-laws so that users of the facilities will not treat them with levity.

The Chief of Gray Bush Community, Ya-Alimamy Turay buttressed the need for transparency and accountability, as the issue of transparency was lacking in the previous consortium. She said that because of the lack of transparency, she was never included in the previous project, which resulted in its unsuccessful implementation and subsequent collapse.

Ya-Alimamy Turay maintained that the consortium should always seek the interest of the people by providing services that they stand in dire need.