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Hon. Shiaka Sama: A National Embarrassment!

Sheka Sam

If indigenes of Sahn Malen Chiefdom in Constituency 104, Pujehun District had listened to the admonition of their chiefdom elders not to vote for the pseudo-advocate, Hon. Shiaka Musa Sama, who contested as an independent candidate in the March, 2018 parliamentary election, his dishonest behaviour at the Chambers of the ECOWAS Parliament on 16th November, 2018 would not have been a severe embarrassment to Sierra Leone but to himself and family. On that day, Hon. Shiaka Musa Sama had the temerity to exhibit his dishonesty beyond borders to the highest degree, when he lied with impunity to the Speaker and Secretary General of the ECOWAS Parliament that his US$4,900 allowance for hotel bill, food and other basics was stolen from him. His skewed explanation was that He had initially put the money in one of his pockets and later transferred it in his bag upon taking his seat in the Chambers of the ECOWAS Parliament. In his pretence, Hon. Shiaka Sama told the Speaker and Secretary General of the regional august body that the “thief must have monitored my movements and other actions. I only realized the theft after reaching my hotel room.”

Following his fake report to the Speaker and Secretary General of the ECOWAS Parliament, CCTV cameras were used to investigate the matter and nothing of his fake claim was covered, despite Hon. Shiaka Sama shamelessly claimed that not all the areas of the ECOWAS Parliament he visited that day were covered.

With no trace of how Hon. Shiaka Sama’s allowance was mysteriously stolen in his criminal imagination, he cunningly referred to other victims before him in previous years, citing three MPs from Liberia, Mali and Ghana whose names he never mentioned, feigning that he was allowance was stolen because the ECOWAS Parliament is usually a very busy environment during sessions as if he had never visited a very busy place in his life.

In spite of the severe embarrassment Hon. Shiaka Sama has caused this nation at the ECOWAS Parliament by feigning that he has lost his US$4,900 allowance whilst technological investigation proved otherwise, he has never relented inhis numerous attempts to make Sahn Malen ungovernable, especially after the notorious convict had succeeded in hoodwinking the indigenes into believing that he is advocating for their rights and against land grabbing in the chiefdom.

This time, it has been confirmed by chiefdom elders that Hon. Shiaka Sama is using his former lawyer that represented him in many of the criminal cases filed against him prior to the 2018 national elections. Anthony Brewa, who President Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Bio appointed as Minister of Local Government and Rural Development and was approved by Parliament, is believed to be fighting a proxy war for his former client in Sahn Malen Chiefdom. Many chiefdom elders his commentator spoke to complained of how Hon. Shiaka Sama is using the Minister of Local Government to threaten traditional authorities with dethronements should they fail to support his former client in ensuring that Socfin Agricultural Company is closed and the leased land on which the agricultural company operates is returned to their owners without any recourse to the ramifications of such action and its economic impact on the country in terms of taxation and thousands of indigenes and other Sierra Leoneans being employed by the company.

Mr. Anthony Brewa, according to chiefdom elders, has not only threatened to suspend Paramount Chief Hon. Brima Kebbie and eventually remove him from office, but also all his sub-chiefs in support of the operation of Socfin Agricultural Company. The incessant threats from Hon. Sama and his former lawyer has enthused supporters of the MP to behave lawlessly in the chiefdom with no fear or respect for chiefdom elders and traditional rulers.

Despite Hon. Sama’s recent display of dishonesty at the ECOWAS Parliament, his criminal mentality and lawlessness, it is disgraceful that a Government Minister- under the New Direction that pride itself in attracting foreign investments in the country - would side with a hardened convict to stifle development in Sahn Malen. What is more worrying than ever is that the Local Government Minister’s threats against the Paramount Chiefs and his sub-chiefs come just a few weeks after the visit of Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh visited Sahn Malen on the instruction of President Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio to amicably settle the impasse between the indigenes and the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) fighting on their behalf and the agricultural company that has invested massively in oil palm plantation with the approval of the Government of Sierra Leone, local authorities in Pujehun District and the landowners after an authorized survey of the leased land.

Be that as it may, the Government of Sierra Leone should not be hypocritical about the operation of Socfin Agricultural Company on the land that was legitimately leased to it with its utmost approval. It is very unfortunate that a Government Minister is backing a convict Member of Parliament fighting tooth and nail to block the operations of the company in the chiefdom, despite thousands of people are benefiting from those operations. If the Bio administration is actually disciplined, its Minister would not be seen meddling in a very serious issue for personal reason at a time when the President has appointed his Vice to address as speedily as possible in the name of peace and cohesion.This Minister should be investigated for dabbling in Malen issue for personal reason if we should take the Bio administration seriously.

Also, Parliament should investigate Hon. Sama for the severe embarrassment he has caused Sierra Leone at the ECOWAS Parliament by lying pathologically that his allowance to cover his hotel bill, food and other basics was stolen within the precinct of ECOWAS Parliament. Since the CCTV did not cover any scene within the ECOWAS Parliament where his money was stolen, one would suspect that he was dishonest about the claim he made so that he would be given another allowance or a token that would ostensibly take care of him until he returned to Sierra Leone. I suggest that the Parliament of Sierra Leone grills him on the issue and if not satisfied, remove him as one of the five Sierra Leoneans MPs at the ECOCAS Parliament so that he would not continue embarrassing Sierra Leoneans at regional stage.