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Hon. Shiaka Sama Re-Arrested

  • (Hon. Sheka Sama should come out clean on the fiasco in Malen Chiefdom over the years)

The Independent Member of Parliament for constituency 104, Pujehun District, Hon. Sheka Sama has been re-arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Sierra Leone Police, Tuesday 12th of February, after previously released. According to our information, the legislator was re-arrested and detained following an allegation that he incited a protest by landowners that resulted to the deaths of two Sierra Leoneans in January in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District. It could be recalled that the Member of Parliament was stripped-off from his Parliamentary immunity in other to help the Criminal Investigation Department with investigations into the allegations against him. Hon. Sheka Sama was initially arrested by the CID in January, but was released after spending days at the CID, helping the police with investigations concerning the cause of the danger demonstration that lead to the death of two hapless Sierra Leoneans. The younger brother of the Independent Legislator was heart breaking when talking to this medium yesterday via telephone fearing the worst for his biological brother who will soon be charged to court. According to him, the magnitude of allegations against the legislator is huge but hopes that justice will prevail on the issues and the government should amicable solution in the fiasco at constituency 104. It could be recalled that Abdul Amara from Jao-Mallay, a former member of MALOA has implicated Hon. Sheka Sama for creating chaos in the chiefdom that lead to the killing of two villagers. According to Abdul Amara, the criminal investigation department of the Sierra Leone Police should concentrate their investigation on the Member of Parliament as the soloist accused of the impasse that leave two Sierra Leonean dead. According to Amara, he was chased from his village by the Malen Land Owners Association (MALOA) for failing to dance to their unholy tunes. “I was mercilessly beaten by the MALOA members,” he alleged, noting that his life is in danger whenever he visited his house in Jao-Mallay. “The outburst of Sheka Sama to the villagers during a traditional rite within his constituency pushes the villagers to take the laws into their hands.” He explains. Several villagers who spoke to this medium across Malen Chiefdom accused their Parliamentary representative as the problem to the standoff in the chiefdom. Civil society organizations are hell-bent on preaching negative messages in the chiefdom failing to address the crux of the matter. The situation in Malen-Chiefdom is a fragile one as the youthful populations are ready to wreck havoc at any time with the instruction of the Member of Parliament.