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IMC Chairman Bags 2014 Humanitarian Award

  • Ambassador Allieu I. Kanu

The Chairman of Independent Media Commission (IMC) on 29th January, 2015 received a laudable humanitarian award from Diaspora Focus, for his immense contribution to the fight against the Ebola disease.

Welcoming the team from Diaspora Focus, Ambassador Allieu I. Kanu said he has been an avid follower of their activities in the print, electronic and social media. He commended the Diaspora Focus team for the tremendous work they are doing, and encouraged them to continue in that stead.

Ambassador Allieu Kanu said he is quite aware of Diaspora Focus’ work in trying to bring a positive image of not Sierra Leone but of Africa as well, to the international media.

He accented to the fact that he has been engaged in the fight against the Ebola disease even before accepting the position as Chairman of IMC. Truthfully, he said, not many Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora know the kind of work he has been doing.

The IMC Chairman lauded the efforts of President Ernest Bai Koroma and the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) in the fight to eradicate the pandemic in the country, noting that since the President proclaimed internationally that the fight against the EVD is serious, and it is a threat to not only Sierra Leone or West Africa but a security threat to the whole world, the press did not articulate that view point.

Ambassador Kanu opined that he took it upon himself to combat the EVD in his own little corner with his meagre resources and, most vitally, the help of the media, and today we see the number of EVD positive cases reducing drastically. He added that if we continue in the stead of collective effort, Ebola will be defeated sooner than later.

In his statement, Emmanuel J.M. Stafford, thanked the Chairman for according Diaspora Focus the opportunity to present him with their 2014 Humanitarian Award.  He said they have religiously followed the activities of Ambassador Kanu, his personal and professional endeavours and they are proud to associate themselves with him as a veteran legal practitioner, current Chairperson of the Independent Media Commission (IMC), and most vitally, an active player in the fight to eradicate the Ebola disease in Sierra Leone.

The award was presented to the Chairman by Isha Marigo, Coordinator, Diaspora Focus, Banjul, The Gambia.

Diaspora Focus is an organisation formed in the United Kingdom to advance the cause and welfare of Africans living abroad and returning home to better integrate and contribute meaningfully to their communities and societies as a whole.