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  • francis Allieu Munu

~~The Assistance Inspector General of Police (AIG) East, Mr. Alfred Karrow Kamara, on Saturday 13th December, 2014, openly criticized police and military personnel at the unfinished Kenema City Council hall for not enforcing the full implementation of the presidential order in the Ebola fight.
AIG Alfred Karrow Kamara made the criticism in a general meeting held at the hall to have consultative ideas with stakeholders and other parties involved in the Ebola fight.
Present at the general meeting were the Resident Minister East, Mayor of Kenema City Council, Chairman Kenema District Council, ONS Regional Coordinator, Minority Leader in Parliament, Government Ministers, NERC Regional Coordinator East, SDO Kenema and other stakeholders like religious and traditional leaders, prominent women and youths.
The no-nonsense AIG accused both the police and military personnel in the city of betraying the order of the President in the areas of restricting the movement of people coming to and from Kenema.
According to AIG Alfred Karrow Kamara, the influx of strange people into Kenema, who were not there in the recent past, were from Ebola hotspots and other areas and were not properly checked before they entered the city, which he said has exposed serious lapses in the Ebola fight.
The AIG was appalled that many people enter Kenema using military vehicles, police vehicles, vehicles of Members of Parliament, Government Ministers, Paramount Chiefs, health workers and other stakeholders supposed to be kicking against the entering of people into Kenema.
He disclosed that many of the stakeholders constantly telephone him requesting him to either release or allow their relatives to travel from one angle to another.
AIG Karrow Kamara challenged that none of the stakeholders on the high table would deny making a phone call pleading for the free movement of their loved ones into or outside Kenema.
“The influx of people is as a result of these stakeholders on the high table,” AIG Karrow Kamara pointed fingers at the dignitaries on the high table.
But a very senior police officer, who asked not to be named, said all the allegations the AIG made against the stakeholders were baseless and indicated a lack of respect for the local authorities.
The officer opined that the only person AIG Karrow Kamara would respect nationwide is President Ernest Bai Koroma, adding that the AIG has on several occasions exhibited such attitude to the local authorities.
He recalled that AIG Karrow Kamara recently molested a Bishop, senior Principals, Paramount Chiefs and other stakeholders in the district with apparent impunity.
The officer said in some communities and countries, and no matter your position in society, you would not have the effrontery to molest local authorities or make evil or silly allegations against them like what AIG Karrow Kamara did to the stakeholders.
The anonymous senior police officer asserted that the AIG’s attitude towards the stakeholders was intentional because he knew that all checkpoints to Kenema are manned by police and military personnel and the stakeholders would have questioned his inability to man the region if he had given them the opportunity to comment on the influx.
Stakeholders were angered by AIG Karrow Kamara’s acidic statement. One of the Paramount Chiefs that attended the general meeting retorted that “Karrow has no respect for local authorities’’ especially the Paramount Chiefs that are custodians of their respective chiefdoms.
The aggrieved Paramount Chief said President Koroma, Vice President Sam Sumana, the Local Government Minister and others have maximum respect for all the Paramount Chiefs but AIG Karrow Kamara. “Who is Karrow Kamara always saying or doing disrespectful things to local authorities?” the PC queried.
He alleged that during the height of the Ebola fight, the AIG publicly stopped some Paramount Chiefs who were on their assigned duties at the Bandama checkpoint.
The Paramount Chief disclosed that all Paramount Chiefs in the Eastern Region have planned to write to the President Koroma and make an official report against AIG Karrow Kamara for his lack of respect for local authorities.
At present, majority of residents in Kenema are asking for the immediate transfer of the AIG Karrow, who they have accused of having hands in the sudden transfer of the former Local Unit Commander, SCP David Sahid Koroma, to the Tankoro Police Station in Kono District; and recently, the alleged ‘unhealthy transfer’ of LUC J.P.J. Conteh to Bo West.
Attempts to contact AIG Karrow Kamara for comment met with his usual untoward behaviour against the media. He asked our reporter to get out of his office and that is his behaviour towards journalists in Kenema.
He had even refused to accept SLAJ intervention not to hastily charge to court one Liberia journalist that came to Kailahun for a repair of his studio computer.