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The Chief Administrator, Mr. Daniel Momoh has through the approval of Mayor Joseph S. Keifala cleared the garbage site at the Kenema Show Field which was not cleared for several years.

In an exclusive interview with the Chief Administrator, he disclosed that he bought fuel and hired a caterpillar to clear and level the dumping site which he said was an eye-sour to the public, adding that very shortly World Food Programme (WFP) will construct food store at the cleared site.

In another development, the Kenema City Council has embarked on maintenance work along Hangha Road, Blama Road and other streets within the city.

According to the CA, Government has been funding councils for maintenance work through the Road Maintenance Funds but said since the outbreak of the Ebola, no fund has been disbursed to the council.

Mr. Momoh however conceded that road maintenance is part of Council’s mandate and that was why they solicited money to fill the portholes of the main roads and streets in Kenema.

He explained: “One day I heard Mayor said the roads are totally terrible and asked me if we can do anything to salvage the situation. The next day I called the Councillor in charge of works, Councillor Murray and asked him to prepare a little paper work on those roads. The next day we embarked massively on filling the potholes of the roads and streets I’ve just mentioned to you. The Mayor was over happy about the development and I hope the people of Kenema are commending us.”