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  • Project by Kenema City Council

The Kenema District Council (KDC) Chairman, Dr. Senesie Mansaray, has come under serious criticism for his alleged leadership style.

According to the sources in Kenema District, Dr. Senesie Mansaray has proved incapable of holding the office because of his acrimonious relationship with some senior officials of the council and key stakeholders of the district.

Sources close to the Council alleged that Dr. Senesie Mansaray cannot write developmental projects convincingly for lack of administrative know-how, claiming that he has never identified single project except for those he inherited and implemented. The Chairman was also accused of fanning tribal sentiments in the Council.

Speaking to disgruntled Councilors and staff of the Council, they alleged that the present misunderstanding in the Council is owing to the Chairman’s lack of depth in administration to run the Council effectively and efficiently.

They further alleged that Dr. Senesie Mansaray dos not respect the principles in the Local Government Act of 2004 and directives from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development especially directives dealing with the running of the administration.

The current problem in the Council, according to the sources, is caused by Chairman Mansaray’s poor administrative arrangements without reference to the Gazette and formal administrative standard.

According to findings, sometime last May, Chairman Mansaray complained the Deputy Chief Administrator to the Substantive Chief Administration. The matter reached the Ministry of Local Government and the Executive Secretary was assigned to mediate or make findings as to what was the matter between the Chairman and Deputy Chief Administrator.

The Spectator gathered that during the mediation meeting, the Deputy Chief Administrator admitted insulting the Chairman but pleaded for mercy.

The Chairman of the mediation meeting also verbally complained of the strained relationship between him and the Finance Officer, while the Accountant burst into tears alleging that she too had been suffering at the hands of the Finance Officer.

According to findings, the Accountant is a sibling of the Executive Secretary, Local Government Service Commission and based on the Accountant’s statement, the Executive Secretary came to the conclusion that, indeed, the Finance Officer has problem in the Council and decided to recommend for his suspension. A three-month suspension letter was given to the Finance Officer on the 28th May, 2014.

The alleged illegal suspension of the Finance Officer with no first query ignited the problem in the Kenema District Council.

The Chief Administrator was also accused later of supporting the Finance Officer.

On 1st October this year, the Finance Officer’s suspension ended and a letter was sent from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development asking the Finance Officer to Report for Duty in the same capacity.

The letter mandated the Ag. Finance Officer to hand over all documents and assets of the Ministry and Council to the Substantive Finance Officer and at the same time requested the Chief Administrator and the Chairman to ensure a smooth handing over to the substantive Finance Officer.

But reports are that the Chairman Dr. Senesie Mansaray defied the executive order and insisted that he was not willing and ready to work with the Finance Office.

Even when the Provincial Secretary, Senior District Officer, Mayor of Kenema City Council and his Chief Administrator, Resident Minister East and all the Paramount Chiefs in Kenema District pleaded with Dr. Senesie Mansaray to allow the Finance Officer to work in the best interest of the District, he lashed out at them saying he would not work with the Finance Officer.

According to some councilors and the Chief Administrator, the Kenema District Council has not yet prepared its financial statement that will enable the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development’s Finance Department to disburse the 3rd and 4th quarterly funding.

They also disclosed that the Council has not yet prepared its 2015 Fiscal Budget and this will crumble development in the district, adding that Dr. Senesie Mansaray has seized regularizing the signatory of the Finance Officer in all Council accounts.

Council sources say the Chairman has already written a change of account signatory letter to all the Banks recommending the Deputy Chief Administrator to be in charge of endorsing all bank transactions, but councilors and other supporting staff in the Council have described his action as violation of the Local Government Act of 2004, which gives executive powers to the Chief Administrator to be in charge of all council finances.

According to one of the Councillors, “Recommending the Deputy CA to step in that capacity is mere corruption which we cannot accept from the Chairman.”