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The Administrative officer of the Kenema shopping Plaza (Kambui plaza) Mr. Luke Tucker has informed the general populace in the Eastern Region about the management system of the shopping plaza.

In an interview with the SLBC in Kenema, Mr. Tucker revealed that the management of the Kambui plaza is doing their best to satisfy their numerous customers to the best of their satisfaction but having some bottlenecks alongside.

He said they have put strategies in place to encourage more customers for the development of the Kambui plaza and highlighted some of the problems and challenges they are facing such as payment of electricity bill which he said the customers were not happy about.

Mr. Luke Tucker pointed out that the other concern of the customers is the cost of the rental fee of the stores which according to him the management has looked into it as there is some amount of reductions on the prices for the stores.

The issue of water scarcity according to Tucker’s has been a thing of the past and there is abundance water supply to all.

He encouraged customers to make use of the plaza as it is their own property.