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  • Child Broadcasters engaging children involved in sand mining at Sewa River, Gondama.

Kids Radio Network (FM 103.0) has trained children, parents, right activists and media professionals in Bo to serve as ambassadors for its programmes and activities.

The purpose of the training was to create a well-informed and engaged community of both right-holders [children] and duty-bearers who will take the lead to advocating on issues affecting children in the district.

The training brought together child broadcasters, right activists and media professionals from Freetown who shared their experiences with their counterparts from Bo District.

The General Manager Lawrence Williams told this medium that Kids Radio is the first children’s community radio in Freetown that is owned by children and supported by adults who believe in working for the development of children in Sierra Leone. He continued that Kids Radio Network (103.0 FM) is an independent advocacy and action-oriented media organization dedicated to empowering and defending the rights of children; increasing their voices and enhancing their participation on child-related and development issues, and promoting the ‘best interest’ of children in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC), the Sierra Leone Child Rights Act (CRA) and other domestic laws.

He said their main activities are radio broadcast programmes, community outreach and retreat to communities where they can network with community radio stations, parents, children, right activists and interested persons who have a passion to work for children.

He furthered that their thematic areas of focus are on children’s rights and responsibilities, child health and education and child protection; and added that their messages target both duty-bearers and right-holders.

The activity was climaxed by visitation to the Sewa River at Gondama where the children interacted with kids engaged in sand mining and also Sembehun Kokofele village where they engaged their peers on child related matters. 

He ended by calling on individuals and organizations that are passionate about the development of children in Sierra Leone to support their work.