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The Minister of Lands, Musa Tarawally, has signed up multi-million dollar agreement with Russia for the construction of Railways nationwide.

This, we are told, came following moves by Musa Tarawally with the Russian government on the subject of a swift return of railway in Sierra Leone as was in the 1960s and 70s respectively.

Minister Musa Tarawally has told the Spectator news that the recently signing up of a memorandum of understanding with the Russians was done in collaboration with the Minister of Transport & Aviation, Balogun Koroma, who has joined in Russian for talks on how such a project could be kick started,  implemented and made to come to reality. The return of Railway traffic, Musa emphasis, will in no doubt revamp infrastructural development, enhance economic activities and create jobs for incalculable number of unemployed Sierra Leoneans.

That such will also increase production thus put Sierra Leone on the map in relation to the exporting of agriculture and mineral products.

Musa Tarawally further told the Spectator that at the implementation and completion of the project, it is expected that over 15,000 Sierra Leoneans will be employed, trained and exposed to more than technology within the transport sector.

Details next publication