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Laugh at Your own Risk

One day death came to a guy and said "My friend today is your day.... "Guy replied : "But I'm not ready to die.... "Then death said.... "well there's nothing I can do because your name is the next one on the list.... "Guy said : "Okay why don't you take a seat and I'll get you something to eat before we go ? Then death said : "all right" The guy gave death some food with sleeping pills in it. Death finished eating and fell into deep sleep. The guy took the list and remove his name from the top of the list and put into the bottom of the list. When death woke up, he said to the guy "mmmm well because you have been so very good to me, I will start at the bottom of the list.... send comments to 078 677001
DaughtLook here sis; you’re so lucky because you have got a guy who truly loves you and cares about you! No matter how busy he might be he spares time to call on you just to know how you are doing and to show you that he always thinks about you. He always replies your messages in time; he always calls you back whenever he finds your missed calls. He tells you how much he adores you and that only you mean the world to him. He has plans of making a family with you. He can do anything for you. You are his everything and he handles you with delicacy. He likes your family and friends. He loves your kid(s). He doesn’t have a desire to cheat because he knows that cheating doesn’t make a relationship stronger but it weakens it and eventually destroys it. He is contented with you. He respects you, he is so faithful and he understands you. He is proud of you and he’s God fearing. He trusts you… Thank God for blessing you with him because such guys are very rare to find. Love him genuinely in the best way you can. Never let him go over minor tiffs that can be resolved

Send comments to 078677001

10 Ways to Melt a Woman's Heart.
1. Call Her When you're feeling Sad,
2. Ask to See A Picture of Her; When She was a Child..!
3. Occasionally Call Her; By Her First and Middle Names,
4. When She's feeling Insecure; Stare Into Her Eyes and Tell Her;"There is No-One in the World Who could be as Right for you as She Is.."
5. Call Her when you done with your work.. She always waiting for that..
6. Try Desperately; To Make Her Laugh When She's feeling Down, and she will.
7. In the Middle of a Conversation; Tell Her that you Love Her a lot..
8. Notice When She's Wearing Something New, and give compliment her
9. Hug Her When She gets Jealous... Make her realize only she is the one and only for U..
10. Put your Arms Around Her; When you Introduce Her to your friends and family....