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Several meetings held between the Government and Sierra Leone Drivers Union on the reduction of transportation fares in the capital and other parts of the country have not yielded any dividend as drivers continue to be in defiant mood.

 Drivers plying in the metropolis area continue to extort passengers and commuters despite their union has agreed with the government in principle to revert the transportation fare in the capital from Le1, 000 to Le900 respectively.

The change in transportation fare, which should have reflected since Monday 26th January is still not in force as drivers continue to extort hapless passengers and commuters.

Commuters plying from Wellington to Eastern Police yesterday morning had serious confrontations with various commercial drivers and their conductors for failing to adhere to the new fare announced by Government. But the situation is completely different in the East and Central parts of the capital.

“We are tired of nominal statements from Government; action must be taken now by enforcing the laws to the letter,” one of the commuters remarked.

“We are pleading to Government to enforce the laws of this country,” another commuter pleaded.

Analysts have however observed that officials of the Ministry and Transport and Aviation and the executive of the Sierra Leone Drivers Union are paying mere lip service to the reduction of transportation fare announced by Government following the reduction in the pump price of fuel by Le750 per litter.