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Mabessaneh Hospital Resumes Operation

Hassan Bruz

The St. John of God Catholic Hospital otherwise known as the Mabessaneh Hospital in Lunsar has resumed full operations after it was shut down in the first week of October 2014 following the death of Bro. Manual Gercia Viago, a Spanish medical doctor who got infected in Lunsar and flown to Spain where he later died of Ebola.

This was disclosed by the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Bro. Michael

Koroma, in an interview with the Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) earlier this week.

He said they have resumed services to the general public in a safe environment with the collaborative efforts of the International Medical Corp (IMC), Doctors for Africa, the Italian Cooperation and the St John of God Brothers in Rome.  

He said the Italian Cooperation has not only funded the training of human resource personnel and fully supported the re opening of the hospital, but has also provided a specialist doctor on Infectious Diseases while the Doctors for Africa, an organization that runs the Pujehun District Maternity has consented to take over the operations of the maternity at the Lunsar hospital.

Speaking on the priorities as at now, the Chief Executive Officer said his management would pay special focus on the Triage in a view to enhance the facilitation of all sick persons to go through proper screening, identification and removal of Ebola suspects from the community and convey them to either a holding or treatment centre so as to stop the spread and terminate the mode of transmission of the virus.

He said the next important aspect would be the welfare of the patients that will eventually be admitted in the hospital as lots of people have died and will continue to die in dire need of medical care, if proper medical interventions in terms of treatment and management are not mapped out. 

He said even though most people are not Ebola infected persons, the situation is far worse in far and hard to reach rural areas where there is hardly any form of medical facility, citing the deplorable situation of women who give birth in quarantined homes and how their lives together with their babies are exposed to danger.


Credit SLENA