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Mass Exodus from Dock Workers Union

376 Staff of Leone Dock Company at the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) are purportedly reported to have resigned their membership from the Dock workers union for what they described as “inability of our president Mr. Alpha Sulaiman Bundu to administer the union properly”.

According to the resigned workers, they have tendered their resignation letter to the SLPA Financial and Human Resource Departments and instructed them to stop deducting money from their basic salary for the purpose of contributing to the union.

They expressed disappointment that, since the election of Mr. Bundu as president of the union a year ago, nothing change in terms of improving condition of services of workers which they re-echoed as the primary function of the union president.

They alleged that, when some of the workers of Leone Dock Company were sacked, they put forward the issue to the president for his action but to their surprise Mr. Bundu could not able to make any settlement between Leone Dock management and members of the union.

The disgruntled ex-members furthered that they used to earn an annual bonus of one hundred percent of their salary scale which they said is a non negotiable amount but Mr. Bundu could not bargain with Leone Dock management for the said amount to reflect in their salary any longer, alleging that even their protective gears which they use to supply them annually is not forthcoming in this administration.

The dissatisfy ex-members pronounced that Mr. Bundu’s lack of administrative skills is demonstrated in his very office, which has made no significant progress in the area of providing office furniture’s, equipment and even the painting of the office.

‘We are calling on the appropriate authorities to intervene for sanity to prevail at the Quay”. They charged.

Discussing with the President of the union once on a while, Mr. Alpha Sulaiman Bundu told The Spectator that since he took over office less than a year ago, the Ebola outbreak had also not allowed the smooth operation of his office and he therefore encourage members to be patient with his administration.