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“Mohamed Kallon Wants Salone Banned”

Past Leone Stars captain Mohamed Kallon has said he wants FIFA place a ban on Sierra Leone football.
In an interview with a close source to the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association Madam Isha Johansen, over the weekend, she revealed Mohamed has told the now Leones Stars captain Ibrahim Obreh Kargbo that he will suppress the current SLFA executive to a point that FIFA will be left without any alternative, but ban Sierra Leone from taking part in all forms of football.
“Obreh told me Mohamed said this to him in a conversation between the two of them concerning the current state of football in the country,” our source regretfully told our ace sport reporter.
“Obreh further told me Mohamed told him that he will not stop fighting until Sierra Leone is banned nonetheless.”
“That once that happens, he- Mohamed- will now make his way to the United States where ultimately he will serve as a football coach.” Our source further revealed.
 Our source said,Madam Isha, in a relaxed but unsatisfactory mood said Obreh was furious whilst relaying the statement of Mohamed to her.
“I was stunned at what Obreh told me concerning utterances of Mohamed, and I was left without option but said to myself, ‘how can a Sierra Leonean such as Mohamed think so low,’” Isha explained said our source .
Our source said ,She further said that Mohamed is seemingly challenging the authority of the President, who at one point, held a meeting with the newly elected SLFA executive and they- Mohamed, Rodney Michael and others- as aggrieved party, asking them put aside election indifferences and forge ahead in the promotion of football in the country.
“I still remember President Koroma telling us he will neither tolerate any parallel football association nor allow any of the parties take court action against the other; a thing he said will lead to the country being banned from football by the world governing body FIFA,” Isha revealed, our source said.
Reports also have it that the FA has written a letter to the confederation of African football (CAF), copying embassies, including football associations in Africa and Europe, informing them that a certain individual in Sierra Leone intends trafficking players to Europe unknowing to the Sierra Leone Football Association.
It is reported also that Mohamed and cohorts have come out with a press release informing the public that they don’t recognise Madam Isha and her FA executive, and that they will soon form parallel football association; challenging the authority of the President. That they will be launching, their association on 28th September.
Recent developments state that two clubs- Bo Rangers and Kamboi Eagles- once towing line of the aggrieved party have decided make a comeback, and have consented taking party in the on-going premier league competition.
The returned of the two clubs has seen the aggrieved party in a somewhat ‘things falling apart’ quicksand quagmire.
Insist of the aggrieved party is that they will take part in the on-going league only if Madam Isha will unconditionally sack the FA’s acting general secretary Abdul Raham Swarry and then Public Relation Officer now Deputy Manager in charge of Competitions Sorie Ibrahim Sesay.
Mohamed was contacted through his phone by a one of our reporter for comment as to allegations regarding comments he made to Obreh but said he will make no comment