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Mohamed Harry Kamara who was spotted during a party at the community center Lungi on the 29th November 2015 ran out of luck when a group of people who called themselves United Against Anti-Social activities

Addressing the angry mob, Assistant Inspector of Police Balu Mansaray said that it is wrong to take the law into ones hands and whatever happen the suspect must be handed over to the police whose prime aim is to protect life and properties.

She assured them that the police will go deep into the story and come out with their findings and will charge whoever is found wanting of the law.

In an interview with the leader of the group, Alpha Bangura, he said that they are against all forms of Anti-Social activities and what is disturbing them more is that people are coming from other communities to pollute their community as beliefs and practices is completely contrary to what they want to introduce in their community.

He said that according to information Mohamed Harry Kamara is from Freetown and has been recruiting their Brothers to practice the same sex , after carefully following their activities they got a tip-off that they are organizing a party at the community center and they have to mobilize themselves to raid the party.

In his remarks, Mohamed Harry Kamara, who was in a pool of blood denied that they were engaged in any anti-social activity that worth alarm in the community. He emphasized that they were only having a party amongst their members dancing group.

 According to family sources, Mohamed Harry Kamara, who hail from Freetown and attended school at Moraldo Secondary School were he joined some bad boys who involved him in this unholy practice called Gay. He further said they have tried their best to discourage him from this practice and have gone outside their believes to marry a beautiful girl for her but he still insist that he will not leave the gay practice.

He went further that he has spent several hours at the Freetown police station just to discouraged him from this practice but he just continue the unholy practice. He also said that because of the pressure mount on him he decided to escape from Freetown only to surface in Lungi.