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Moses Probyn: Errand Boy or Saboteur?

The erstwhile Chairman of Bonthe District Council, Moses Jude Probyn, has now become the errand boy delivering official letters for the seemingly aggrieved and defiant Chief Administrator of the Council, Mustapha Koroma, who is said to be at daggers drawn with the current Chairperson of the Council, Mrs. Rita Ngardie Savage.

 In fact, the CA is just returning from a three-month suspension for insubordination when he wrote defiant letters to Mrs. Savage, who has made it abundantly clear that she is not prepared to continue working with the CA.

This is the CA the former Council Chairman has made his best friend for whom he runs official errands as Probyn himself admitted during a telephone interview with the wise bird. While agreeing that Probyn has right to establish friendship with whoever and deliver letters for whoever, Parrot strongly believes that particular friendship existing between Probyn and the defiant CA has an ulterior motive, possibly, to undermine the position of the current chairperson, Mrs. Savage.

Mrs. Savage has always been suspecting Mr. Probyn of being the secret agent machinating all the problems she has been facing with the CA and other staff and councilors of the Council. But wait; did Probyn utter subversive statements against Mrs. Savage while delivering the letters on behalf of the CA? If yes, then Probyn is a saboteur, not an errand boy. But Probyn has denied flat that he never made subversive statements against Mrs. Savage.

If ever Moses Probyn is the secret devil orchestrating problems for the current Chairperson of the Bonthe District Council, Mrs. Savage, then he must be doing great injustice to the poor lady in particular and to the Council in general. Mrs. Savage is not responsible for Probyn’s political downfall; the SLPP and the people made the right choice. But Parrot only hopes Probyn is not the saboteur.