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MP and Driver Quarrel for Le 1,000

The Member of Parliament for constituency 79 in the Bonthe District, Honorable Brima Conteh, seems to be a very miserly man that does not tolerate cheating. Parrot was recently riding Brima Conteh’s Toyota 4 Runner jeep saw and heard him engaging in a very bitter and prolonged palaver with his driver for the paltry sum of one thousand Leones. Here goes the rest of the story:

Hon. Conteh gave his driver ten thousand Leones to buy for him five empty rice bags at two thousand Leones each. The driver went and returned with only three empty rice bags which he claimed he bought at three thousand Leones each.

“You are a celebrated liar and a big fraud; those bags cost two thousand Leones and I just bought some at that price few minutes ago, from where did you get your own price?” Hon. Conteh yelled, vowing to deduct the one thousand Leones difference from the driver’s meager salary at the end of the month. “You must refund to me the one thousand Leones difference per bag or I will deduct it from your salary,” the MP swore by his living God. The poor driver tied in vain to convince the MP that he purchased the empty bags at three thousand Leones each.

Then the MP turned to the great wise bird and said: “This driver is in the habit of using the slightest opportunity to defraud me the least money; I hate cheating!! It is not the one thousand Leones that borders me but the fraudulent manner in which he is trying to take it from me,” the MP remarked angrily.

The inquisitive and talkative Parrot laughed his sides out to behold such a financially meticulous Member of Parliament. The great Professor Parrot is recommending Honorable Conteh to head the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Finance.