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NERC to Crack Down on EBOLA 419NERS

  • Rtd. Palo Conteh

It has been revealed to The Spectator that the National Ebola Response Centre will soon crack down on ill-motivated individuals that are posting all sorts of fabricated Ebola information on the social media.

Before the official Ebola figure was posted on Sunday, there were three fake figures posted on the social media by impostors all in a bid to deceive Sierra Leoneans.

Sources close to the NERC secretariat reveal that the Chief Executive Officer, Palo Conteh, is working closely with the National Telecommunication Company and the various Telecommunication companies in the country to bring all defaulters to book.

The Inspector- General of Police, Francis Munu, we are told, has been fully informed about the ugly development and is said to be working out ways to net the 419ners

The NERC Boss, Rtd. Paolo Conteh, in his morning briefing yesterday with staff described those 419ners as unpatriotic and assured the general public that his institution will soon come up with a statement on the unpleasant development.

Also, the House-to-house phase two search, according the CEO, will concentrate on the intensification of social mobilization by contract tracing and surveillance.

Rtd. Palo Conteh expressed hope that the process will be effective even though there will be no need to lock down people.

He also assured Sierra Leoneans especially students and pupils that they are planning to have a meeting with the Ministry of Education in considering the reopening of schools and colleges in the country.

In another development, Sierra Leoneans are beginning to appreciate the NERC secretariat and the government for the fast declining Ebola cases.