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Police Crack Down on Lawlessness

  •              Metro- Police boss-KCC, Mr.Bockarie Gamanga Kanneh.

Residents have praised the Metropolitan Police Officers of the Kenema City Council for their disciplinary actions in the cleaning of the city as well as cracking down on lawless people especially traders.

Speaking to the Metropolitan Police Boss, Mr. Bockarie Gamanga Kanneh, he disclosed that plans have been instituted by the Council in terms of exercising their mandate such as stopping from depositing waste materials along the streets of Kenema especially the major roads and the central city.

Mr. Kanneh expressed dismay over the handling of garbage at business places and the homes by unscrupulous people which he said does not auger well with the City Council that is striving for a clean and healthy city.

According to the police boss, though Council vehicles assigned to collecting and carrying garbage along the streets of Kenema are always in attendance but many people are in the habit of dumping waste materials at whim thereby causing health hazards in the city.

“We have held series of trainings and stakeholders’ meetings on what to do when people are caught throwing waste materials on the streets of Kenema,” Mr. Kanneh said, adding, “We have also intensified our operation at the Lambaya Stream where people often dump waste materials without any recourse to the dangers of polluting the stream.”

He disclosed that the chiefs have made bye-laws with fines for any person(s) caught throwing waste materials in streams around the city and other important places.

Addressing the area of street trading which the Council is against because of traffic congestion, Mr. Kanneh said he has deployed his officers for constant routine checks at the Fishery Market at Maxwell Khobe Street which, he said, has been identified as a congested street trading market.

He also said Kaisamba Terrace, Lambaya Avenue and Tumber Street are within the jam-packed street trading areas and that those areas would soon be thoroughly checked to avoid traffic congestion, adding that several plans have been mapped out by the Council to put proper developmental projects in place. Mr. Kanneh therefore warned lawless people to desist from throwing waste materials at random in the city or face the consequences.

He thanked Mayor Joseph Samba Keifala and Chief Administrator, Daniel Saa Momoh, and referred to them as hard working public officials.

Mr. Kanneh assured that within three months residents of Kenema will start enjoying the cleanliness and beautification of the city as plans have been put in place by the Council for several development projects. He however entreated residents especially traders and other taxpayers to pay their taxes correctly and in time.



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