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Police should not use excessive force -Says President of Bike Riders

The President of Commercial Bike Riders Union, Mr. David Sesay,  said on Monday that the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) should not use excessive force when policing bike riders especially at a time when the country is battling with Ebola outbreak.

‘”The police should not use cane when policing bike riders; they should use another method when policing bike riders,’’ he said.

Though Mr. David Sesay conceded that some bike riders are lawless, he however advised that in the process of curtailing their movement in prohibited areas, the police should not use excessive force.

He blamed the police for causing the death of a rider, Cellou Diallou, who met his demise at the Krootown Road/Guy Street axis whilst trying to escape from the police.

The Union President argued that the police and bike riders should not see themselves as enemies because of their services to the general public, noting that most of the personnel recruited into the police force and bike riders are all youthful men.

Mr. Sesay said unemployment is a serious challenge in the country and that some of the youths are self-employed commercial bike riders who are trying to make ends meet.

The Union President said statement by the Deputy Minister of Political Affairs that “60 percent of bike riders are foreigners from Guinea and Liberia” is a recipe for chaos, noting that the Fullah, Mandingo and Vai tribes are all part of the 16 ethnic groups in Sierra Leone.