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  • Rev. Canon Dr Samba

Rev Canon Dr Thomas Takpau Samba, a born Sierra Leonean by Nationality hails from the Eastern part of the Country, Kailahun district, went to school in the South and later proceeded to the People’s Republic of China to pursue his talented profession.
During the Process, the preacher man obtains Diploma in Chinese language, which automatically qualified him to speak Chinese language as his second international language.
The latter spent 7yrs in China doing medicine, and also taught for years in Hong Kong and later return back to her mother land in the year 1990, and was gainfully employed as a Professional Medical Practitioner at the Ministry of Health and sanitation.
He has being in the medical field for over 25yrs with clear-headedness of professionalism echelon, as he graciously represents his country on several conferences both national and international.
Dr. Samba has served in almost every district in the country and currently worked as the District Medical Officer for western area in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.
Dr. Samba went on to do a post graduate degree to become specialist in Public Health, and later return home to serve mankind.
Rev. Canon Dr Samba is a Religious and ardent Christian that is very meticulous in whatever he is doing to his fellow Sierra Leoneans, he has also changed and transformed so many lives of hapless Sierra Leoneans across the country religiously, financially, medically amongst others.
As a Child, with a very strong Christian milieu and a humble beginning, was trained to love, care and show compassion for others who cannot feed for themselves, but to share what ever little he had with the less privilege.
His greatest achievement is saving the lives of the sick and depressed through his journey in medical service.
The spiritual leader continues to spread the holy message across the district as and when necessary, in quest to restructures and strengthen the health care delivering system.
Dr. Samba has served as Health supervisor, programme manager for several years with outstanding reward and public recognition to the admiration of his subordinates.
Dr. Samba is a man who believes in principles and heartfelt to all his subordinates and also a true transformer with a team spirit in pushing forward to reach the unreachable.
Rev. Canon Dr Samba is blessed with three boys and a lovely wife.