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Recognizing Role of Red Cross

  • One of Red Cross treatment centre

The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society (SLRCS) has been managing the Ebola Treatment Centre in Kenema for some months now with only one case of suspected infection of a health worker. Since the SLRCS started managing the treatment centre, the number of Ebola cases has been dropping drastically to the point that Kenema has been registering no case of Ebola for several days.

According to the Programs Manager of the SLRCS in Kenema, Michael Jusu, this is the first times the SLRCS is involving in fighting Ebola but has scored a remarkable success that is worth recognizing by the people of Sierra Leone.

Michael Jusu recalled that when the World Health Organization was managing the centre, there were about fifty-one cases of health workers infected but that since the SLRCS took over the management of the centre, it is only now that they are suspecting a case of an infected health worker.

This press wholeheartedly appreciates the patriotic works of the SLRCS and we strongly believe that the organization deserves a national accolade for the tremendous role it has been playing in containing the deadly disease. Without Mr. Jusu saying it, many conscious Sierra Leoneans are aware of the fact the dramatic drop in Ebola cases began with the intervention of SLRCS even though they were novice in the fight.

Therefore, it is most unfair for people to capitalize on an isolated case of suspected Ebola infection of a health worker of the treatment centre to downplay the remarkable achievement the SLRCS has scored in the fight against Ebola. It is no mean feat for an organization that has no history of Ebola management to intervene for the first time in combating Ebola and succeed in drastically minimizing the spread of the deadly killer virus.

Ingratitude is one of the worst crimes on Planet Earth, so, we should be grateful to SLRCS for taking the high risk of coming to the rescue of Sierra Leoneans in such a crucial moment. Whatever mistake on the part of SLRCS should not be amplified and used to overshadow the commendable work the organization has been doing for particularly Kenema District and Sierra Leone in general.