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Revealed… Health Staff Confirm Cold-war

 “Staff at the ministry were happy that following a meeting, the minister and her two deputy ministers were seen smiling as they left the conference room which many of them described as a very good omen for the ministry,” words as said by staff of the Ministry of Health as published by the Sierra Leone News Hunter newspaper in reaction to a publication by the Spectator news revealing Minister Miatta Kargbo’s and her deputy Foday Sawi’s unsympathetic working relationship.

Our insist remains unchanging nonetheless, and we stick to the fact that prior to our publication of a story revealing administrative misconducts by notably the Minister of Health and her deputy, there was confusion between the two.

And in follow up of our story, the News Hunters newspaper later caught at Deputy Minister Sawi to get firsthand information from him as to the revealed misunderstanding.

In the last paragraph of a story published Friday 27th by the said newspaper titled: “No problem between Health Minister & her Deputies,” it is stated that staff of Health Ministry were happy following a meeting between the Minister and her two deputies.

That Health staff were pleased seeing their Minister and her two Deputy Ministers smiling as they left the conference room, where incidentally the reconciliation may have taken place, and had described the scene as very good omen for the ministry.

As at press time, news reaching the Spectator have it that Minister Miatta flashily let staff of her Ministry accept as fact that nothing was wrong between herself and her Deputy Minister Dr. Sawi by urgently calling up a meeting, which incidentally saw her taking a photo with him.

The Minister, our findings revealed, has put conceding harmony by making the public and her boss President Koroma, believe that her Ministry is on a smooth footing and that nothing was wrong at all.

Readers, we know, will certainly accept as fact that excerpt as in the first paragraph of this story as culled from the News Hunters newspaper, self-evidently explains that there was very bad omen from among the Minister and her Deputy Dr. Sawi, which eventually was reportedly settled shortly after a meeting between her and her two deputies, and which also saw workers in of the Ministry in a somewhat pleasing countenance when they saw their Ministers in a smiling atmosphere.

Dr. Sawi’s denial that he has had no problem with his boss Miatta is understandable anyhow. But to the Spectator, he is like drawing our attention for more probity as to his and her boss’s uncalled for administrative mishap. 

It has also reached us that Minister Miatta shares a strenuous relationship with her Chief Medical Officer though. 

They say some of her instructions at the Ministry have been characterized as countless plunders, which possibly may see the talked about free health fail.