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  • Sahn Malen Chiefdom Turns to Works Yard

One of the reasons why Sierra Leoneans voted emphatically for President Ernest Bai Koroma in 2007 was when he promised the nation that he would create a business friendly environment that would attract direct foreign investment in the country. The President did not renege on his promise as hundreds of foreign companies have invested billions of United States Dollars in the country thereby creating job opportunities for thousands of Sierra Leoneans now benefiting from the operations of these foreign companies.

But it is rather disheartening that while the operations of these foreign companies are immensely benefiting the Government and Sierra Leoneans in terms of revenue generation and development of the country, an insignificant number of mischief makers are causing unnecessary problems that will prevent things from running smoothly. These enemies of progress should be named and shamed because they are not supposed to like in any society yearning for progress and development.

One of the unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans blocking the progress of direct foreign investment in the country is the former PMDC Member of Parliament for Constituency 88 in Pujehun District, Shaka Sama, who has gained notoriety for inciting his insignificant group of loyal supporters to not only resist the operations of Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited in Sahn Malen Chiefdom, but to also destroy its facilities worth hundreds of millions of United States Dollars and to deprive his own people of the mouth-watering benefits they are getting from the company in terms of loyalties and employment.

Recently, the Management of Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited issued a news release expressing their profound shock and utter dismay over media reports around the country that the alleged trip made by Shaka Sama to Paris in France was on the invitation of the Management of the agricultural company in respect of land matters as purported by the media channels he used to malign the company. As far as the company is concerned, they have neither engaged the notorious trouble maker in any dialogue on behalf of Sahn Malen Chiefdom landowning families as widely claimed, nor have they invited him to any roundtable as stated in the community and commercial radio broadcasts nationwide.

As a very respectable and credible company, the Management of Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited would never go into such negotiation without the consent of the local chiefs and the Social and Grievances Committee which has remained the central forum and legitimate body to relate with especially on issues of conflict resolutions.

Besides, the company was never involved in such negotiation as reported by mavericks, let alone the so-called pronouncement and Shaka Sama’s visit that has nothing to do with the company. The object of the former MP’s untoward behaviour is to put spanner in the healthy and smooth working relationship between the Management and the legitimate landowners and the local authorities of Sahn Malen.

Shaka Sama is an obdurate and failed politician that always works against the progress and development of his people and this country. He has an exaggerated sense of self-importance despite he hasn’t a cubicle on his own at Sahn Malen, let alone embarked on any development projects in his constituency during his wasted five-year tenure as Member of Parliament.

Shaka Sama has no respect for chiefdom elders including the Paramount Chief of Sahn Malen, whom he had embarrassed on many occasions to the dismay of the chiefdom people. It was this obstinate and uncouth behaviour towards authorities that led to his deportation from Banjul in The Gambia. He returned home drenched with his tail between his legs as punishment for not having respect for authorities. It is the same habit he has been exhibiting here because he is like God and fools who would never change until thy kingdom come.

The co-called land Shaka Sama is advocating for is not owned by him exclusively; rather; it is a family land for which he has been tearing family members apart because of his self-imposing attitude. While other family members have sold their own potions of land to Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited, Shaka Sama did not sell his own despite he is still creating unnecessary problems for the company and the people of Sahn Malen.

When he was representing Constituency 88 between 2007 and 2012, Shaka Sama was almost mobbed by his constituents when reports emerged that he had been misappropriating money disbursed to him by Government for constituency development. His constituency was among the most backward constituencies in the entire country until the advent of the company that can boast of multi-million investment in agriculture in the Sahn Malen Chiefdom.

Shaka Sama is well notable for his mischievousness and by tomorrow, he would be making another appearance in court for allegedly inciting some miscreants within the chiefdom to wreak havoc on Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited because he is an enemy of progress and development in his own paternal home.

Even his days as Member of Parliament was characterized by his unproductiveness that brought more backwardness to his people who wasted their precious energies by voting him to Parliament in the hope that he could be a changed man. But they later regretted voting him to the august body after they came to the realization that nothing on earth would smooth the rough edges of Shaka Sama.

The former MP is at everybody’s jugular in the chiefdom as a result of the land issue. We understand that he has even hijacked the landowning organization in Malen Chiefdom – MALOA – and using it to bring the agricultural company into disrepute. He had used the so-called organization on several occasions to mobilize undisciplined gangs to rebel against the company but such irresponsible actions had always backfired or boomeranged to the annoyance of well-meaning indigenes who believe that Shaka Sama is doing mere disservice to them and posterity would judge him for being unpatriotic, selfish, heartless and wicked to a fault. No wonder a senior executive member of the organization has since resigned because of his recalcitrant behaviour that has brought so much embarrassment to the people of Sahn Malen Chiefdom.

If Shaka Sama was a credible politician, he wouldn’t have misled the general public by using community and commercial radio stations to fabricate pathological lies against the Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited which is doing extremely well in meeting their tax obligations, creating job opportunities for the indigenes of Malen Chiefdom and others parts of Pujehun District and beyond, paying loyalties to landowning families and fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

The company has said for the umpteenth time that its doors are widely open for suggestions now that it enjoys the confidence with the swelling number of workforce and its numerous partners in development especially the Government of Sierra Leone, Pujehun District Council and the peaceful genuine landowners of Sahn Malen Chiefdom. The only odd man out is Shaka Sama, whose ultimate aim is to disrupt the company’s operation so that nobody would benefit from it. For his ingrained stubbornness, he must reach his Waterloo sooner than later.