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For a long time now Sierra Leoneans are united as ever before in standing with the Anti-Corruption Commission to emphatically tell FIFA that enough is enough as Sierra Leoneans wholeheartedly welcome the banned slammed by FIFA after being spoon-feed by the embattled President and his Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Football Association.

The FIFA ban slammed on Sierra Leone is unanimously described as inappropriate, unreasonable and miscalculated action to disrespect our values and laws as an independent.

No matter what happens, we stand strong to defend our motherland; FIFA should not dictate or overshadow our constitution and legal institutions.

The case against Isha Johansen and Chris Kamara is genuine and the ACC is a Parliamentary body established under consistent rules to fight corruption and the Sierra Leone Football is not exempted.

Sierra Leoneans welcome the ban as long as discipline is instituted in the Football Association, no national league for the last four years, yet FIFA was subdued without intervening to remedy the messy situation which football loving fans and stakeholders continued to call the intervention of FIFA but proves futile.

Kasho J. Hollande Cole the Chairman for WARD-C and the Secretary General of the Western Area Football Association (WAFA) in his culled face-book page cull: It is extremely painful when your child harbors your enemy and destroys your ambition.

This year's African Cup of Nations could have been Sierra Leone's moment to shine in the prestigious competition since 1996. Today, Isha joined a rogue and corrupt organization call FIFA and victimized innocent Sierra Leone.

The ban issued few hours ago is not only inappropriate but malicious against values and sovereignty of this nation.

No matter what happens, we stand with our ACC and laws of our country.  We will not allow a precedent that will snatch away our independence as a nation. We love football but we love Sierra Leone more. Let the law and due process be followed and Isha and others will pay a huge price for this embarrassment.

Also, a seasoned football administrator Rodney Michael who football stakeholders are predicting to be the next Football Association President writes in some of the Whatsapp forums advised the SLG to finance SLFA to appeal immediately to the FIFA APPEALS COMMITTEE and if they fail to CAS What FIFA wants the FA and Government to do is legally impossible as the ACC act makes the ACC an absolutely independent body subject to no orders from any government by law, how can you demand what is legally impossible and then suspend a country for being unable to reverse a decision? This is the double standard hypocrisy of FIFA and global football chiefs. Government Ministers have also added their voice by openly supporting the resilient efforts of the Anti-Corruption Commission.